Secrets from ‘The Wealthy Franchisee’

What does it take to be a successful franchisee?

On this episode of The Main Course, host Barbara Castiglia gets insights from franchise expert, speaker, and author of The Wealthy Franchisee, Scott Greenberg.

Greenberg started his career as a professional speaker and leadership coach. Looking for a second stream of income and a “lab” to try out concepts, he ventured into the franchise world. For the next 10 years, he ran Edible Arrangements stores. 

“I was looking at the differences between struggling and top-performing franchisees. After a while, I kept hearing the same themes. A franchise is a scientifically sound experiment. You have people running the same business with different results. I wanted to define the variables.”

In doing so, Greenberg looked at the human element of success—how people think, lead, and serve. “Thinking is getting rid of subjectivity to make data-driven decisions. Leading is about developing others, and serving is building connections, not just transactional relationships.”

Greenberg also offered advice for franchisees in building their teams. “Define the most important traits for that role and ask questions to see if they demonstrate these. You also need to prepare them for the culture, not just train them for the job.”

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