ZeroCater Report: Most In-Demand Cuisine and Workplace Snack Trends (Infographic)

Restaurants and food companies facing rising operations costs and more competition than ever are finding office food programs to be a lucrative avenue for additional revenue, consumer insights, and further brand awareness, according to a new report from ZeroCater. The report focuses on the latest trends and insights that will shape the workplace and how office eating habits will influence the restaurant, food and beverage industries in 2019. 

Compiled from company data and research, ZeroCater’s reports are intended to serve as a guide to helping employers navigate a changing workplace, as well as offer restaurant and food companies insight as they navigate a new frontier.  

“The common thread across workplaces in 2019 is a culture-first approach to business” stated Ali Sabeti, CEO of ZeroCater. “Amidst a vastly competitive labor market, employers are working hard to cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture, while restaurants and food companies are finding the business opportunity in office food programs.”


Key takeaways include:

Make Way for the Centennials: How a new workforce generation is already showing signs of change, while organizations adapt to baby boomer retirement and the millennial generation’s dominance of the workforce. 

Personalize the Employee Experience: An exploration into how employers are providing customized employee benefits with the help of data.

Serve up Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Employee values are influencing all aspects of business, right down to what to do with the leftovers.

Balancing AI and Technology’s Role in the Workplace: With technological advancements comes the challenge of maintaining a corporate culture in the midst of change.

The New Food Frontier:  A look at how workplace food is changing the game for the restaurant and food and beverage industries.

Hungry for Culture and Authenticity: The influence of a new workforce is bringing diverse cuisines to the forefront of office meals everywhere.

Diner-tainment: How office meals are doing double duty to engage employees through artful displays, whimsical presentations, and activations.

Snack on This: The world of office snacks has exploded in order to appeal to the more common snacking mentality of millennials. 

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