Why You Should Have Innovative Equipment in Your Restaurant

With the emergence of technology in the food service industry, it is crucial for restaurants to stay up to date to be ahead of their competitors. The objective is to create an ease of use that saves time, but still performs at a high quality. Customers are seeing this trend in the way that they order their food, but what about for the professionals preparing it? Innovation in food equipment is on its way.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an entire pizza system in your kitchen from mixing your dough, all the way to baking in the oven, where the entire process takes only a matter of minutes? Or what about a bakery oven that lets you download recipes from your iPhone into the touch screen control board? Those are two of the examples of the innovation we are starting to see within the industry.

With that said, there are many reasons why it is important to have innovative equipment in your kitchen. 

#3) Ease of Use

According to Pew Research, 77 percent the people in the U.S. own a smartphone and the adoption of digital media is rapidly growing. People are searching for a variety of topics right from the palms of their hand.

Professionals within the food service Industry have adopted this concept with the ability to have their consumers order their food right from their phones! With Innovation and technology, it is now possible for the chef’s in the kitchen to utilize these benefits, and it’s extremely easy to do!

 Ever see a recipe online that you love, but don’t have a pen to write it down?

Ever wish you can just send a recipe to your oven and it shows up right on a screen? Now you can. You can now hook your phone up to the oven via Bluetooth, and download your recipe, save it on your oven for the future, and have it on the “iPhone-like” touch screen. Not only is this a good use of technology, but it creates an extremely simple, and quick way for a chef or baker to have a savings of their recipes.

What about the way equipment is cleaned? Sick of hand scrubbing your oven? There are now self-cleaning ovens where it’s as simple as one setting on the touch screen. Think about how much more you would be able to accomplish if you didn’t spend hours at the end of the day cleaning your oven.

#2) It Saves You Time

The one thing we all wish we can either have more of or get back is time. Having to make 100 pizzas for example, can take hours upon hours, doing each individual one by hand. It requires multiple workers, to work together, to speed up the process.

With new innovative equipment, those hours of multiple workers, doing everything by hand, are significantly cut down. 

If you are worried that using a machine would make your food/pizza look like it’s from a machine, don’t. The equipment is made to mimic a hand-tossed pizza. Your customers won’t even realize. Being able to produce more, in less time, who wouldn’t want that?

#1) It Saves You Money, In the Long-run

As most can assume, and know, time and money go hand in hand. The more hours someone works, the more you must pay them. The higher number of employee’s you have, the more you people you must pay.

What if there was a way to reduce that labor cost by up to 60 percent? Seems impossible, right? Think again, just another huge benefit of the innovative equipment that we are seeing from top manufacturers. 

Since the equipment saves companies time, it also cuts down on the labor needing to work. Some of their equipment takes the job of three workers, and automates it into a system that one worker can do by their selves, and be more efficient. 

Also, with an upfront purchase of innovative equipment , it will save you money in the long run since this equipment is made to utilize the ingredients in only the quantity needed to produce your product. Thus, saving restaurants, a lot of money in flour for an example, as most of the time, that is your most expensive expense when making pizza or baking dough. That amount of times you will need to purchase flour annually is less, which saves your restaurant even more money.

We all realize how important staying up to date is especially in the food service and restaurant industry, and there are many more reasons on how important it is then just the ones stated above. If you want to get ahead of your competition, innovative equipment for your restaurant is the way to go.