Why Every Restaurant Needs an App (Infographic)

As a restaurant owner or manager, you’ll no doubt do all you can to get more customers through the door, whether that’s through tantalizing additions to your menu or catering program or incredible deals.

It’s important to note the impact technology has today and, with more people using  smartphones, your restaurant could tap into a potentially huge market through the creation of a mobile app.

To highlight the potential reach a mobile app for your restaurant could have, the experts at AppInstitute looked into the statistics from more than 2,000 of their own takeaway customers and found some highly encouraging statistics, which you can find in the infographic below.

 Key information from the research includes:

  • 75 percent of smartphone users access restaurant info on the go

With so much competition from other food outlets on the market, when consumers go out and about, it can be the very last minute until they make a decision on where to eat. By offering easily accessible information about your restaurant while they are on the go, you’ll have a far greater chance of getting them to book a table or walk through the door.

  • 61 percent of restaurant customers would be willing to download a restaurant’s app if they were promised exclusive offers and deals from time to time

A mobile app enables you to directly target consumers with great deals on their favorite foods and drinks. You’ll have complete control so can send out offers as frequently as you wish as well as targeting special occasions and seasonal events. By rewarding  customers with great offers, you’ll keep your restaurant in their mind at all times and in turn increase the chances of them coming back through your door time and time again.

  • 69 percent of consumers order food online using a mobile device

If you can offer a fantastic mobile experience to your customers, through an app, you can tap into the huge number of people who now order their favourite takeaway with ease wherever they are on their mobiles.

  • 112 percent increase in overall spend from online orders after 12 months of app adoption

If your restaurant offers a takeout/takeaway service, the adoption of a mobile app could see a significant increase in the overall spend from customers. By offering an easier, simpler and smoother method of ordering food, you’ll be meeting the growing requirements of the consumer to provide a fast and straightforward service to match their fast moving lives.

  • 40 percent of all visitors to a restaurant website are coming through their mobile

With more potential customers accessing restaurant websites through their mobiles, you need to make sure you are not missing out. With a mobile app and all the benefits it provides, you can put yourself ahead of the competition and ensure customers aren’t searching elsewhere because you are supplying them with a slow loading, difficult to navigate mobile experience.