Why Data Is Key to Building Relationships (Podcast)

On this episode of The Main Course, host Barbara Castiglia learns how data can help restaurant operators build better relationships with their customers from Joel Montaniel CEO of SevenRooms.

The idea for SevenRooms came when he noticed that if you didn’t attend a restaurant enough, they wouldn’t know anything about the customer. “They were numbers, not faces.”

“No matter what we could do for the consumer, the operator needed to pay for a role,” Montaniel said.

That was their lightbulb moment: Instead of focusing on the consumer, what if we focused on the operator.

SevenRooms helps restaurant operators leverage customer data to improve the experience. As part of their service, they offer Pickup and Delivery solutions; Reservation, Waiting, and Seating Management; Data and Guest Profiles; Guest Engagement, and Marketing.

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