Who’s Winning the Pandemic Pizza Wars (Infographic)

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced restaurants of all kinds to pump the brakes on their dine-in and delivery plans shortly thereafter, but Little Caesars has managed to dominate the COVID-era chain pizza landscape regardless, according to the experts at TOP Data.

Since the spread of COVID on US shores began in mid-March, Little Caesars has been the preferred pizza provider for residents in 24 states. No other pizza place comes close, with Papa John's leading the way in just nine states and Domino's in seven. With such a wide gap in preference, it seems likely that Little Caesars low prices ($5 pizzas) and unique “Hot & Ready” business model that can completely eliminate human interaction from the pizza pick up are key factors in the Detroit-based chain’s pandemic pizza wars success. 

While pizza is popular,  overall visits down by 20 percent. Little Caesars, despite being the most popular restaurant, has still seen a six-percent reduction in visits.

Click here to see the map and state-by-state data.