What Your Restroom Says About Your Restaurant

You can tell a lot about a person by going to their bathroom; now imagine what a dirty restroom might do to your brand’s reputation. It’s one thing to lose a friendly neighbour over a messy bathroom, and another to lose what was once a loyal customer base over an outdated, cluttered, and god forbid, unsanitary restroom.

Modern restaurant design has evolved greatly over the decades, and business owners are not only looking for new ways to attract visitors and establish a rapport with their target demographic, but they are also funnelling their efforts towards a more comprehensive experience, and restrooms have taken over the leading role in the hospitality industry.

Here is what your restroom says about your restaurant in the 21st century and how you can use the power of restroom design to your advantage and pave the road to long-term success.

Cleanliness is Crucial

What should come as no surprise to any sensible restaurant owner with a firm growth strategy in hand is the importance of cleanliness across the board. Unfortunately, the problem of hygiene in restaurants is a persisting one and presents a challenge no establishment can easily overcome as constantly maintaining a high level of hygiene in a polluted world can prove to be all-too strenuous a task.

That is why more often than not, the problem of cleanliness manages to slip through the organisational structures and come to light, possibly damaging the restaurant’s reputation beyond repair.

Proper restroom hygiene must be maintained at all times, and depending on the size of the establishment, you will have to employ adequate resources for this purpose in terms of both personnel and cleaning supplies. However, the key to a perpetually clean restroom lies in management and delegation, rather than mere resources.

Keeping a strict cleaning schedule will do wonders for restroom hygiene, while thorough cleaning is mandatory every fifteen to thirty minutes. It might seem exaggerated; however, you will find that due to heavy traffic, a restaurant’s bathroom requires a rigorous cleaning schedule.

A Modern Design

Proper hygiene sets the basis for a positive customer experience while the restroom’s design will portray the story of your brand to a great extent. A clean bathroom can only mask an outdated ambiance for so long, and if the restroom is showing signs of wear and tear, it might completely dissuade the customer from returning to your establishment in the future.

The problem is not that customers have become too picky or sensitive, the problem is that customers are becoming increasingly accustomed to a finer way of life, and they expect the comfort of your restaurant’s restroom to rival that of the bathroom in their own homes.

You might think that the modern customer is asking too much of you, but the truth is that your restroom is actually due for a much-needed redesign. Be sure to equip it with all of the essential bathroom supplies as well, in order to provide a pleasant experience for the customer.

An Upscale Experience

Speaking of a pleasant experience, the customer expects a certain level of service when using the facilities, and hiring a restroom attendant is the perfect way to elevate the standing of your restaurant in the competitive market, especially if you’re running a fine-dining establishment.

The restaurant industry is one of the riskiest businesses in the world, and you want to do whatever it takes for your message to reach beyond the noise and set your brand apart. Creating an upscale experience is essential for low to mid-range restaurants as well, such as fast food establishments, as a positive restroom experience alone will be enough to inspire customers to recommend and return to your restaurant in the future.

Fine Details

The modern world is home to mindful individuals who are increasingly concerned about the problems of environmentalism. If you plan to capitalise on young demographics in the 21st century, your restaurant must break the stigma that surrounds the hospitality industry regarding eco-friendly practices.

This means that your restrooms must introduce green solutions such as low-flush toilets and variable flush toilets as well. Additionally, you can cut down on water and energy expenditure by installing no-flush urinals and equipping the restrooms with motion sensor lighting and faucets.

Not only will thinking about these details portray a positive brand image to the public, elevating your standing, but it will also allow you to make substantial long-term financial savings.

As you can deduce, restrooms play a pivotal role in shaping the perception of your brand in the overly saturated market. By following these tips and implementing contemporary solutions, you will have no problems paving the road to long-term success and prosperity.