What Restaurant Operators Need to Know About Specialized Cleaning

Most restaurant owners work hard to make sure their restaurant is a clean environment that provides a hygienic experience for customers and workers. A clean restaurant improves the overall dining experience and more importantly, prevents people from getting sick while eating your food. Restaurant staffers clean the front and back of the house every night before closing and tidy up before opening every day. However, a restaurant is a very active environment for dust, dirt, grime, grease, and bacteria to accumulate and sometimes you need a specialized cleaner to get those lesser-known and hard-to-reach places such as the ceiling and walls. Hiring a deep cleaning professional is necessary to ensure your restaurant is being optimally cleaned by a professional, but how do you know if you are hiring the right person? Here are a few things to think about that will help you hire the right specialized cleaner for your restaurant.

Account for Layout and Architecture

The layout and design of your restaurant are important factors to consider when hiring a specialized cleaner. A regular commercial cleaning service might be all that is needed if you have a small restaurant with less foot traffic, small walls, and shorter ceilings. However, if you own a large restaurant with high ceilings you are going to need to hire an expert specializing in high-ceiling cleaning. This type of specialist has the tools to get into the nooks and crannies of your ceiling and completely clean off all the grease and grime that wafts from the restaurant floor to the ceiling. The cleaning company you hire must have the ability to clean every inch of your restaurant. If a cleaner can’t clean your dirty ceiling because it is too high it could lead to dirt and dust falling on customers food at a later date.

Ensure they are Experts 

Not all cleaners are created equal. You may be tempted to just hire the least expensive commercial cleaner you can find, but there is no guarantee they know how to clean a restaurant. Know what cleaning service you are looking for and only hire cleaning companies with a proven record of doing that service. There are cleaning companies that only clean restaurants and cleaning companies that only do high-ceiling cleaning.  Check a company’s website to see what work they specialize in. Check reviews on Google and Yelp to see if they get good marks from customers for the work you are looking for. Call the company and ask management to explain how they work and how many restaurants they have cleaned over the years. Cleaners who are experts will be happy to brag about their successes. Ask for references. They should be willing to share.

Experienced Supervisors

Every good restaurant owner knows the importance of experienced managers in maintaining the quality of your restaurant. The same applies to any company you hire to clean your restaurant. Make sure anyone you want to hire has well-trained staff and more importantly experienced supervisors on the job site for every job. A cleaning company that has good supervisors will ensure your job is being done correctly. A good supervisor has at least three years of experience and most importantly will give you updates on your job and inspect your restaurant with you afterwards. They will also ask for feedback on ways they can improve in the future. Ask any cleaning company you intend to hire how many supervisors they have and their level of experience cleaning restaurants. A cleaning company without good supervisors is not worth your time.

How Often Do You Need Specialized Cleaning?

A clean space for restaurant owners is more important than a clean space to you average office entrepreneur. The state of your restaurant determines if customers will ever eat there again. This is why I recommend restaurant owners hire a specialized cleaner more often than other businesses. Restaurant owners should hire someone to do deep restaurant cleanings and ceiling cleaning every four months. The grease, dirt, and food stains that accumulate in a kitchen do so very quickly so you need an expert in there more often along with your daily cleaning.

Restaurant owners are experts at keeping their space clean, but even restaurant owners need a little extra help getting to those hard-to-reach and lesser-observed areas of your restaurant. Hiring a specialized cleaner can add another layer to your cleaning strategy. However, make sure you are hiring the right one by understanding the layout of your restaurant, making sure your cleaner is an expert for the job you need them to do.