What Does a Restaurant Consultant Bring to the Table?

Why hire a restaurant consultant?

The answer varies depending upon who is asking. Consultants offer customized services for current restaurant owners, restaurants looking to expand and start-up projects.

Another Set of Eyes

If you already own a restaurant and are wondering what a restaurant consultant can do for you, the answer is fairly simple: sometimes you just need another set of eyes to look at a problem. Perhaps you have concerns about menu selections and design, supply chain cost reductions or even problems with recruiting talent. Restaurant consultants have decades of expertise in menu development, industry operations, and management.

You could be losing money, but cannot pinpoint the cause. Consultants are entrepreneurs and businessmen with a knack for budgeting. You could be on the other side of the issue — your restaurant could be so busy you don’t have the time to put needed systems in place. Consultants can help with time management, too. Even if you’re just feeling overwhelmed, our Operations Analysis gives detailed recommendations to establish firm footholds in the industry and guarantee your efficiency.

Taking it to the Next Level

If you’ve found success as a restauranteur, perhaps you are looking to franchise your concept or expand into a second or third location. It’s still a smart choice to work with a consultant through this process. A consultant can complete a feasibility analysis and assist in finding the perfect location.

Consultants can also develop operations manuals needed for franchising. The team at National Restaurant Consultants (NRC) worked closely with Vail resorts over the last several years, and we still assist in the opening of new restaurants. This year, we helped open a new spot in the recently added Park City resort.

In the Beginning

Are you looking to open a restaurant? If this is you, a restaurant consultant can assist you with developing or commercializing your idea into a coherent business plan that will help you get financing or an outside investor. The consultant can optimize the restaurant design, create a menu, hire staff, create HR documents and restaurant procedures.

We have been featured in several publications regarding opening businesses and restaurants; here are some specific tips we offered up for Consumer Affairs.

In the end, a restaurant consultant can help you with any aspect of the restaurant operation. The good ones guarantee their analyses. Restaurant consultants should make your life easier. They should be able to provide you with ways to help grow your business, reduce costs, and help with those difficult management issues. Whether your restaurant is currently just a dream, or if you need to be more successful, the time to take steps to make your dream work for you is now.

The NRC team has provided help to all types of restaurants and every issue that accompanies the industry. From opening to rescue, we cover it all. Each consultant has more than 30 years of experience and we have consultants that specialize in each area of concern.