Using Intuitive Sensual Thinking to Heighten Guest Experience

Every restaurant owner and manager knows a great meal is about more than the food. Guests are clamoring for an experience. 

A great dining experience is about getting more pleasure out of your meals – and getting more pleasure from the people you have meals with.

Everyone goes out to eat for a good meal, but many times the experience is disappointing. Even though we go to a restaurant to eat, what makes it a great experience is the energy of those who serve the meal.

A great meal is less about what you eat than how you eat it. Intuitive eating is aimed at improving every dining experience and perhaps making for a healthier diet along the way. For restaurant industry workers creating an intuitive eating experience by using sensual thinking is easy.

The concept of intuitive eating is deceptively simple. Focus on one meal at a time to get the most pleasure and nutrition from your food. Notice what you see, smell and taste. Check in with your body to see if you’re really hungry – because sometimes we keep eating when it’s actually time to stop.

A great dining experience is about getting more pleasure out of your meals – and getting more pleasure from the people you have meals with.

Here are a few ways industry workers can use intuitive sensual thinking to turn every meal into a great experience:

Smile Before you Speak

Your smile is energy that people can sense. Smiling is our human way of sharing the intangible spirit of good-will. Sometimes a smile is just a smile – other times, it’s a moment of Peace. Always a smile makes the diner feel welcome.

Know Your Menu

Instead of just the name of a dish, describe how the food looks and tastes. This will make mouths water. What we sense with our eyes and mouth stimulates our appetites. You are an artist painting the picture of a great meal.

Note the Aroma

When food is placed, compliment the fragrance. Help the diner notice the effort the chef has made to create a beautiful plate. This focuses your clients on the food, pleasure and healthy eating. You are raising their sensual awareness and the pleasure of eating.

Be Grateful

At the end of the meal, express gratitude. When you are glad to meet people, they are glad to meet you. Gratitude is the human gift of mutual respect. Your diner will feel great and so will you!

All jobs are demanding. Working in the restaurant industry is a constant sensory experience. Be sure to take a minute at least once an hour to reflect, breathe deeply and recharge your own sense of what makes an eating experience great.