Trendy ‘19: Food Trends for the Coming Year

It’s time to ring in the new! As 2019 fast approaches, restaurant industry tastemakers are predicting the top trends of the coming year.
Which of these hot new ingredients will find a place on your menu in January? 

1. Go Pro…biotic!

Every demographic is becoming more interested in their digestive health. So where do probiotics fit in? These healthy bacteria are a tasty way to promote digestive health. The best news of all: they’re most bioavailable when consumed as food. Your guests might be buying probiotics over the counter at a pharmacy, but even the most powerful pill can’t compete with your homemade pickles. Any pickled vegetable – especially kimchi and sauerkraut – may contain the probiotics a person needs to stay healthy.


This broad category should make it easy for most restaurateurs to incorporate probiotics into the menu. Whether you’re putting pickles on a hamburger or serving kimchi soup, make sure you let your guests know which dishes include probiotic ingredients.

2. Nice to Meat You

Vegan meat has been growing steadily more popular over the past few years, especially with innovations like the Impossible Burger. Various types of animal-free meat boast that they’re more sustainable for our planet, better for heart health, and less expensive.

These options will not only save your restaurant a bundle; they’ll also provide an exciting opportunity for marketing. Try telling your guests where you source your “meat” products, and get them involved in the process of saving the earth – without breaking the bank.

3. Vegan and Again

Vegetarian and vegan foods are popular among all your guests – not just those who stick to a plant-based diet. Many meat-eaters like to have one meat-free day a week, and some prefer vegetables only on a daily basis. These dishes can often be less expensive to produce, and some even have a longer shelf life. 


Updating your menu to include vegan and vegetarian items might just improve your inventory tracking process. 

4. Fast and Fancy

Today’s consumers are busy. They’re running from work to school to pottery class, picking up the kids from karate, and still trying to maintain a healthy diet. Fast-casual restaurants are a necessary part of their routines.

However, they still crave the luxury of hot, healthy food with unique flavors. We’re starting to see a rise in high-end fast-casual restaurants that invite diners to try out the best of both worlds. 

5. Fat Chance

As guests learn more about healthy eating, they’re less interested in sugar and meat and more excited about healthy fats. Healthy fats such as coconut oil, ghee, and MCT oil are making their way into products across industries – from coffee to stew to shampoo. Let your guests indulge in these once-sinful foods while reminding them that certain fats may actually improve health and longevity.

There’s one thing all of these trends have in common: American consumers want to be healthier. They’re not interested in giving up fats or fast food. Instead, they’re looking for a quick meal they can eat on the go, which will satisfy their cravings without sacrificing quality.

How will your 2019 menu meet their needs?