Top Flavor and Food Trends for 2023

Mondel─ôz International Foodservice tapped its network of Brand Ambassadors to share  a report on what they see as the next big trends in foodservice this year.

Here is a look at the top trends predictions:

  • Innovative Mashups: Award-winning Chef Paola Velez foresees new twists on traditional breakfast foods to come front and center. “A big trend for 2023 will be curious breakfast flavor pairings – unique flavors blended into one tasty bite. Expect to see fun twists on Americana comfort breakfasts.”
  • Nostalgia Gets A Glow Up: Maeve Rochford, Owner and Executive Chef of Sugar and Scribe Bakery, knows a thing or two about revamping classic, beloved desserts. She sees the nostalgia trend continuing into 2023 with a modern twist. “I think American Classics are coming back- because people are looking for comfort and nostalgia. I really love this trend because it allows the classics to shine bright again. It’s impossible to create new things without loving and learning from the originals.”
  • Elevating the Dessert Bar: Jackie Joseph, award-winning chef and owner of JJ Bakes & Co, predicts that the concept of the dessert bar will become increasingly modern and highly customized in 2023. “Dessert is no longer to be enjoyed at the end of the event, but a staple centerpiece to the event as a whole. From made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream, to intricate mini desserts and individually customized packaged sweets, the elevated dessert bar is the next level of eatertainment.”
  • Ube Goes Big Time: Pastry Chef Gemma Matsuyama sees Asian flavors like ube and matcha gaining ground in 2023. “I love the interest in Asian flavors like ube because, while a humble ingredient, it has such a strong flavor personality. Ube, much like purple sweet potato, is naturally sweet and has notes of vanilla so it works well in desserts like cakes and ice creams.”
  • Modern French Pastry: Chef Clarice Lam’s time in Paris ignited a deep appreciation for the world of French pastry, and she sees modern flavors on the rise in traditional French pastries. “Since many restaurant kitchens don’t have the ability or equipment to produce viennoiseries, chefs are looking to other classic French pastries to modernize and “nostalgize.” Pâte à choux is such a versatile pastry, it’s easy to execute and feels fancy yet accessible at the same time. Expect to see creative, modern spins on classics like éclairs, swans, profiteroles, and the Paris-Brest.”