Top-Effective Tech Solutions to Improve Profits

Most restaurants (76 percent) are currently using automation in three or more areas of operation and agree that certain roles are more automatable than others, according to Capterra research  The survey also found  that more than half of restaurant leaders say front-of-house restaurant workers can easily be automated with today’s technology, and nearly all restaurants today (96 percent) use automation tools in their back-of-house operations.  Employees and restaurant owners are benefiting from automation technology: over half of leaders say that revenue has increased since implementing restaurant’s automation tools. Automation tools also provide value through mobile ordering apps, AI solutions, digital reviews apps, and online reservation software.

Here are the latest tech solutions that will allow to increase transparency and productivity of the highly developed and rapidly changing F&B market. 

1. Mobile Order Applications

Mobile smart order apps for waiters help to speed up the service and manage the orders right at the guest’s table. It represents a compact mobile terminal for quick order taking. Order mobile app features a list of rooms and tables, orders, items, and modifiers of both the main and quick menu, search through the item list by name, follow up the order status and send them to the kitchen. 

Moreover, mobile applications for restaurant smart order provide such options as work with reserves and kitchen notification, payments accepting, work with combos and discounts (that can help restaurants to operate loyalty programs). The application supports the function of ordering with a car plate number as well that opens more opportunities for food services in the fast-food industry. A mobile order app will enable the clients to conduct restaurant management and delivery systems automatically, faster, and completely online with the help of new innovative solutions.

2. AI-Based Chatbot 

Restaurant fraud is still one of the main problems of the restaurant industry that can severely impact restaurant profitability. According to National Restaurant Association (US Chamber of Commerce) data, 75 percent of your employees will steal from you and will do so repeatedly; one third of bankruptcies are due to employee theft; 37 percent of total theft is made by a manager. As a comparison, each year the University of Florida conducts a survey regarding various areas of theft and loss in the retail sector. Their recent survey results of 2016, report over $36 billion (dollars) lost due to theft and error in the United States only. 

Chatbot is an AI-based software for restaurant chains that is able to prevent fraud of the staff in the restaurant. Chatbots use BigData technologies to maintain statistics on dangerous operations and recommends what you should pay attention.‚Äč It presents a handy bot that anyone can have in a convenient form in messenger that is making it easier to receive any news and notifications for the restaurant's owners. Chatbots dispatch dangerous operations that can probably become a fraud from the staff via bot in a format of a simple message.

Chatbots are working in online mode via messenger informing restaurant's management about all dangerous operations in real time. A bot delivers information in messenger about opening and closing the cash register shifts and reports on them. Moreover, chatbots provide invisible work which means that a restaurant's staff cannot even guess the existence of the bot. The bot helps to control deletions and discounts reporting about all the data deletions and discounts that are made at the cash desk.

3. Face ID

Face ID technology provides  benefits such as usage speed, identification efficiency, protection of fraud by the staff, and a special biometric data encryption system that protects against information theft. 

The Face ID system allows clients to use unique biometric data instead of PIN codes and cards providing secure authorization methods. The Face ID system provides efficient identification and saves time compared to "physical methods" of working control — cards or pincodes. This innovative system helps to discipline a team through an additional control that cannot be cheated. Face ID makes the company's system secure of fraud by the staff so far as all the important system functions are working exclusively with facial identification of the top management.

Furthermore, Face-ID's vision solution follows the trends of the UAE digital strategy that will help businesses to develop their technologies in a modern way. The Face ID system helps to automate the accounting of work time of the restaurants, increase the reliability of the received data, and reduce the cost of maintaining the turnstile or security guard.

4. Restaurant Review Mobile App

Restaurant review apps can motivate customers to write feedback through notifications via Whatsapp and SMS. 

Restaurants need to receive feedback from customers to attract new visitors through the websites used by tourists and locals such s. After the provision of a service or purchase, the client will automatically receive a message requesting feedback. If the client likes everything, the app will offer to leave a review in an important search platform for you. If the client doesn't like something, the review app redirects the chat to the restaurant's administrator. The app shows conversion statistics of reviews received that can help to improve foodservice. 

The opportunity for brands to use apps to make experiences more personalized is huge. Learning directly from guests, presenting them with recommendations that resonate and instantly responding to their feedback with a personalized message from the store manager, is elevating brands that rely on their ability to connect with their guests.

5. Self-Ordering Kiosk 

Using a self-ordering kiosk can help the restaurants to save money on workers' employment: neither salary nor employment visa required if the restaurant relies on automatic self-ordering POS system.Self-ordering kiosks provide an efficient marketing tool to attract more guests. In conclusion, a kiosk for QSR operation lives up to the latest trend in the UAE food service market: automation and digitalization.