‘Top Chef’ head judge Tom Colicchio on Tipping, Female Chefs and More

“Top Chef” head judge Tom Colicchio sat down with Larry King on the multi Emmy-nominated series “Larry King Now” and discussed initially turning down the hit reality show, female chefs, and why he wants to abolish tipping in his restaurants. The six-time James Beard winner revealed the chef he’d trade places with, and his favorite food cities in America.

In this clip, Colicchio explains why, in 2016, there are still fewer women than men running restaurant kitchens, citing childcare and long hours as contributing factors.

“I think it has a lot to do with society in general and what women have to do to have a successful career,” he admits. “Especially, you know, a career that mostly happens at night, and a lot of young women drop out at a certain point and I think if we had a better child care system in this country and we had other ways to support women… I think there’d be more women chefs.” 

Tom Colicchio on the Lack of Female Chefs

The restaurateur is working to abolish tipping at his establishments, arguing that what a server is paid should be decided by employers and not by diners. Challenging the current status quo, he says “I just don’t see why, professionals, waiters who are working in in great restaurants, why they want to be subject to someone’s whim it comes to paying.”

Tom Colicchio’s Push to Abolish Tipping in Restaurants

Playing a food-centric round of “If You Only Knew,” Colicchio weighed in on his favorite culinary city, the vegetable he won’t eat, and the young chef he’d like to trade places with. He also lists his favorite food cities in America, including a couple of under-the-radar picks.Of all the world’s chefs,  Colicchio says he’d trade places with Liz Johnson, the 25-year-old cook at the helm of New York’s Mimi’s. The ‘Top Chef’ head judge also lists his favorite food cities in America, including a couple of under-the-radar picks.

If You Only Knew: Tom Colicchio

The Chef Tom Colicchio Would Trade Places With

The full episode  can be found here: http://goo.gl/WYtyXZ