Tips to Keep Your Business Lively During the Winter Months

Winter can be a tough season for restaurant and bar owners. The colder months bring a fresh set of challenges to the restaurant and bar scene. Here are a few ideas for restaurant and bar owners to consider in an effort to continue to serve up good eats and top-tier service during the winter season. 

Keep Customers Informed on Social Media

It is key for restaurant and bars to use social media to communicate with their customers. A consistent online presence can make a huge impact on the amount of business that comes through the door, especially during the winter. Social media is a great place to share any winter or holiday specials you’re offering, creating more buzz around your business. 

Don’t forget that connecting with customers on social media goes both ways. If you decide to close up for the day, be sure to keep your customers in the loop so they don’t show up to a locked door. Ultimately, establishing your business as reliable is crucial for social media efforts. 

Consider Offering Curbside Service and Delivery

It’s very common for businesses to notice a winter slump. It’s almost always because of the customer, not something your business is doing wrong. Many customers are less likely to go out and sit at a restaurant when temperatures are harsh, and would rather order delivery or curbside takeout if the option is available. Customers are looking for comfort and convenience  when it’s cold outside and that sometimes means enjoying food from the comfort of their own home. Consider making food that travels well for those who select curbside pickup or delivery.

Do a cost benefit analysis to make sure that offering delivery is financially beneficial for your business model. If staying off the major apps is necessary, consider offering curbside takeout service instead for a boost in revenue. 

Offer Specials and Competitive Pricing 

At the beginning of every year, people are typically paying close attention to their finances, health and future aspirations. This also means potential customers will desire healthy menu options at a fair price. This is a great time to get creative and listen to your consumers’ interests to boost sales. It would be mutually beneficial to create specials that use what’s in season to keep food costs low. Consider opting for seasonal vegetables and preparing them in a new and exciting way to drive further traffic. 

Consider Adding Festive Menu Items 

While many people are watching what they eat, it doesn’t mean you can’t offer festive and comforting food and drinks. Consider adding seasonal local food and drink flavors to your menu to spark attention.