Tips for Moving Your Restaurant to a New Location

Whether you want more visibility or a larger space for your growing business, a new location can be just what will move your restaurant to a new level. Since this is a big step, you need to consider a range of different factors to ensure that this step leads you towards success. From choosing a new location to the move itself, quite an endeavour awaits you, so make sure to be prepared.

Choose the Right Location

A new location should provide you with all the benefits that the old one couldn’t, so you need to research different locations thoroughly and see which one will meet your needs. One of the most important factors to consider is the population base of the area where you’re planning to move. The new location should have high traffic so that you get enough customers. Don’t forget your current client base either. If you move to the other side of the city, you might lose a lot of regular clients, which is okay if you want to target a completely new market.

Accessibility and visibility are also important factors that can contribute to your success. If the new location is visible from main roadways and easily accessible, it comes to reason you’ll have more potential customers.

Finally, you should check whether your current providers and vendors cover the new area and notify them before you move. If not, you need to research your options and choose new providers.

Let Customers Know

Once you’ve picked a new location, you need to let your guests know you’re moving. You can print out flyers, use newsletters or even make a video announcing your move and the new location. You can also post pictures of the entire moving process on your social media profile which will keep your clients engaged and excited.

Change Online Information

Another simple way to keep your customers in the loop about your move is to change your online information. However, you shouldn’t change your social media profiles and website information weeks in advance because you’ll just bring about confusion. Instead, change the information right before the opening of your new location.

Give Incentives to Customers

If you’re moving a bit further away, you should motivate guests to visit you at your new location. Giving them incentives, such as discounts or freebies, will help you keep your regular clients and motivate them to go the extra mile to stop by your new restaurant. However, the incentives should be time-bound so they visit you soon.

Plan the Best Time for Move

You need to plan your move carefully and choose the right time to move in order to limit the impact on your sales. You shouldn’t disrupt your operation, so you should consider moving at the end of the workday, over the weekend or even a holiday. Before deciding on the day, you should consult with your contractors and figure out a way to move without closing your restaurant for too long.

Prep the New Location

To make the move as efficient as possible, you should prepare the new location before moving your entire restaurant. You should check whether everything is functioning properly and see whether there are any possible damages that need to be fixed. In addition, you should do some basic cleaning, but keep in mind that you’ll also have a lot of cleaning to do after the move.

Don’t Do it on Your Own

Moving your business needs to be done properly to avoid any possible damage and additional costs. You shouldn’t try to save money by doing everything yourself because you can easily make a mistake that will cost you more than hiring professionals. If you’re on a limited budget, you should consider choosing a reliable truck hire service to make sure that everything is moved safely. A professional company will even provide you with everything you need, such as boxes, ropes, trolleys, blankets, etc.

Host an Event for the Opening

You’ve finally moved to your new location that looks simply stunning, so why not share it with the world? You should host an opening event that will announce that you’re ready for business and attract new customers. You should print out flyers and send out e-vites to your old customers. When it comes to the type of event, you can host an elegant cocktail party, wine night, a holiday-themed event, etc. The most important thing is that the event appeals to your target audience.

By considering all the important factors when choosing your new location and planning your move carefully and thoroughly, you’ll be able to move your restaurant without any major disruptions and hiccups.