Tilit: Function Meets Fashion

In this MRM Profile, we learn about Tilit, a New York City-based restaurant and hospitality design firm. The Tilit look is stylish urban minimal and made to go from stove-to-street.

Launched in 2012, the company was co founded by former chef Alex McCrery and his partner/wife Jenny Goodman. McCrery went into design with no skillset of his own to create a new look and better workwear for chefs.

The pair asked their chef friends for their opinions and they said they wanted a better look beyond the checkered pants and boxy chef jackets. They wanted clothes that were durable, functional and wearable outside the kitchen.

Tilit pieces offer unique design details that solve problems. Aprons do not ride up the neck and chafe. Small pockets hold tweezers and pens. Inside pockets on aprons hide cell phones. For female chefs, Tilit offers chef jackets and aprons that flatter.
Tilit has outfitted restaurants all over the city and beyond and now also works with hotels.  More than 2,000 clients now wear Tilit.