Three Ways to Support Other Small Businesses Like Your Own (Infographic)

As a small business owner, you know how important and impactful it is to support local creators. It could be that one customer or network that helps keep your team’s spirits up and running. With the holiday just around the corner, it may be time to spread kindness throughout your community and other businesses.

How to Shop Small Businesses as a Small Business

Shopping small doesn’t just help local artists, it helps put money back into your city, or town. You’re able to find more unique pieces while giving back. Here are four ways you can share your holiday spirit with other small businesses and creators. 

Network and Share Your Knowledge With Business Owners

To start off, join a small business networking group if you haven’t already! You could share your favorite tips and tricks to growing your business, how you got it up and running, and any other valuable lessons you may have learned along the way. Not only that, but you could learn some things yourself. You may end up fostering a support system that keeps on giving as the years go on. 

Collaborate During the Holiday Season

If you have a few local artists or small creators you love, ask them to collaborate. You could offer exclusive discounts for their business in your store or come up with a discounted gift basket for sale. For instance, if you’re a lotion company, you could collaborate with a clothing small business and have an exclusive “self-care”  holiday gift basket. 

Share Your Favorite Local Businesses on Social Media

Now, spread the love by sharing businesses you love on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even Youtube. You could do this by downloading Mint’s social media story template and fill in the black spaces. Along with that, you could encourage others to support small businesses in their area.