The Insider’s Guide To Handling the Holidays at Your Restaurant

Deck the halls and stock your walk-ins — the holiday season is fast approaching. As a restaurant owner, the holidays are a perfect time for you to cash in on the upcoming festivities. So we created this step-by-step insider’s guide filled with useful information from seasonal staffing, to a menu fit for an elf (no syrup necessary), to perfect parties all the way to New Year’s Eve, to help you navigate the slippery slopes of the holiday season.

Get Your Holiday Hustle On – Right Now

This time of year tends to creep up pretty quickly. You take a breath after Halloween and before you know it – the holiday season is in full swing and you’re feeling anxious about if you’ll pull it off this year. But fret not, you can hop on the holiday train today in three quick steps.

Create a Festive Environment

First things first: turn on the tunes and turn them up. Nothing puts people in a festive mood more than some seasonal sounds. While you’re at it, get out the decorations and spruce up the place. Make your restaurant warm, comforting, and inviting, catering to bustling shoppers, busy workers, and lively families seeking to escape the cold weather and enter a holiday haven.

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