The Future of Dining Is Digital

Technology has substantially revolutionized the signage industry. Although we live in a digital world, many restaurants feel an understandable reluctance when it comes to adopting new technology. But as we enter 2020, it’s important to recognize how digital technology drives our society and its major impact on consumer reactions and ordering habits. To avoid falling behind the competition, forward thinking restaurants are embracing digital signage technology and taking full advantage of its invaluable capabilities to maximize their business profits.

So how can digital signage enhance your restaurant? We’ve provided several advantages below.

Opportunity to Upsell

It’s been said that customers eat with their eyes. If the food looks good, they are more likely to drop some hard-earned cash on it. With digital signage, restaurants can transform static, lifeless imagery into compelling experiences tailored to each customer. As customers glance at screens while waiting to place their orders, the powerful allure of a yummy premium item or dessert may sway them to deviate from an original food order. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a vibrant and dynamic digital picture could easily be worth thousands of dollars in increased revenue.

Reduce Turnaround Time

Restaurants can streamline the ordering process by including helpful and customizable information as part their digital display strategy. Free from the limitations of static signage, restaurants can effectively and visually educate their customers on menu items, pricing structures, and ordering protocols. Leveraging custom content to inform consumers before they reach the register is a proven way to minimize confusion and speed customers through those lunch and dinner rushes.

Enhance the Wait Experience

With the prevalence of streaming content available 24/7, today’s customers have grown accustomed to instant entertainment and have little patience for prolonged wait times. Unfortunately, a given reality in the food service industry is that waiting is sometimes a necessary reality in daily operations. That’s where digital signage can really bolster positive sentiment as customers wait to both place and receive their orders.

Displays that incorporate social media content, games, weather updates and surveys can aid significantly in building customer engagement and creating a memorable dining experience. It can even reduce perceived wait times. By leveraging a steady stream of engaging digital content, restaurants can both increase profit and convert first-timers into loyal repeat customers.

Custom Menus Like Never Before

As consumers obsessively track emerging trends and hot new dining spots via their smartphones, it is critical for restaurants to evolve their food offerings and pricing specials to keep up with the competition. Digital signage lets restaurants tailor their menus and messaging to specific hours of the day, key days of the week, seasonal offerings and beyond. Forget flipping your static boards over from breakfast to lunch. Digital playlist functions allow you to setup and schedule content to the minute on daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis.

And say goodbye to having to tell customers a certain item on the menu is no longer available. Now you can just delete it from signage and re-add it the second your restaurant pantries are restocked.

Adhere to Strict and Evolving Nutrional Guidelines

As most QSRs and food service vendors are well aware, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has established guidelines for nutritional information on menu boards and compliance can be a tricky process. If you’re not yet leveraging digital menu boards, consider going digital to help you through menu regulations and allow you to quickly and easily add or remove calories from your signage.

It's the Future of the Industry

As powerhouse fast-food titans like McDonald’s and Burger King move to digital menu displays and touchscreen ordering kiosks, customers are being primed to not only embrace digital experiences, but to also expect it as a base line for effective and memorable dining experiences.

Our advice – don’t get left behind. Digital signage experts are ready to help you make the transition to the future of the dining and food service industry.