Tech Talk: ‘Digital Concierge Allows for Guests to Have Needs Met 24/7’

Porter24 is an enhanced digital concierge solution that connects hotel guests with local businesses and brands though interactive touchscreens. Located inside  hotel lobbies, each Porter24 screen offers guests highlights of the best local attractions, eateries, nightlife and more – including exclusive content and offers – to enhance guest stays. In addition to its directory component, each Porter24 screen includes a digital postcard feature for tourists, convention attendees and locals to document their time spent at the hotel.  Its client list includes Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton.

In this edition of Tech Talk, Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine discusses digital concierges and using technology to improve the hospitality experience with Daniel Ramirez, Vice President of Porter24.

How does Porter24 help restaurants and hotels attract tourists/new guests?

Porter24 is a digital display company specializing in hospitality solutions combining state-of-the-art touchscreen technology with hospitality industry insight into a sleek, modern and efficient display. Porter24 provides innovative and engaging digital concierge devices complimented by easy-to-use software that enhance guest experience and introduce tourists to local attractions.

Porter24’s unique content management system (CMS) allows hotel guests to find local business deals, eateries, tourist attractions, check weather, track flights, and see additional details on the hotel they are staying at. The platform allows hotels to customize and update content in real-time, from displaying hotel features to capturing sales leads, the platform engages guests and enhances a user’s experience.

What problems does Porter24 solve for restaurants and hotels?

Porter24’s interactive display allows brands to offer exclusive content and promotions that drive foot traffic to restaurants or other local retail locations. The customizable nature of Porter24 makes it adaptable to various kinds of promotions.

What does the name Porter24 signify?

Hotel porters are often the first people to greet guests at a hotel. They help guests by carrying luggage and showing them to their room; advising on hotel facilities; arranging taxis and parking cars; looking after keys; and running errands, such as taking and picking up dry cleaning. Our digital concierge is available 24 hours a day and acts as a personalized porter, hence the name. We work with hotels and establishments all across the country to recommend the best and most convenient sightseeing and eating options.

How does Porter24 technology integrate with social media?

Located in the hotel lobbies, each Porter24 screen offers guests an interactive experience highlighting the best local attractions, eateries, nightlife and more – including exclusive content and offers – to enhance a guest’s stay. In addition to its directory component, each Porter24 screen includes a selfie opportunity for tourists, convention attendees as well as locals, encouraging them to share their time spent at the hotel instantly with friends, family and colleagues.

The selfie button includes a direct link to social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. The backdrops for each selfie are unique to the hotel and city, and also include branded images. For example, one of our clients, Hilton San Diego, features backdrops of local attractions and beaches, pinning guests in the middle of the San Diego social scene.

How does technology promote efficiency in hospitality?

When booking a stay at a hotel, for many guests, minimal effort and ultimate relaxation is often a deciding factor. The hotel’s job is to ensure that all of its guests are being serviced and provided with whatever their needs may be. Technology like a digital concierge allows for guests to have these needs met 24/7 providing instantaneous results like flight information and things to do nearby with the touch of a screen, resulting in overall better perceived efficiency of customer service.

What are the advantages of increasing technology use in the hospitality industry?

There are many benefits to technology within hospitality but a few key takeaways are simplicity, customizability, and the ability to promote. Porter24 allows guests to make requests for the information that will improve their individual stay. The console also allows other business owners to take advantage of target markets by customizing content for travels making a beneficial service for both operators and consumers.

How tech savvy do restaurant owners and operators need to be?

Owners and operators should understand how technology can transform their business and the way it operates, but not necessarily the tech specs behind it. Once they see the potential that technology has, they need the tools to implement. This is where Porter24 comes into play. Once a business decides our technology is right for them, we take care of all of the setup and installation. The concept of our product is second nature and easy for the average consumer to use making integration into your business model effortless.

What do you envision the restaurant of the future looking like?

One example of the future of restaurants are those that leverage the power of technology allowing guests to customize their guest experience with the assistance of touch screen interfaces. They speaks to all of the advantages that technology brings to hospitality while providing premium options and keeping prices low for consumers. However, there’s no replacing traditional dining restaurants and technology like Porter24 makes it easy for restaurants to expand their reach, attract new audiences and get in front of one of the largest purchasing groups – tourists!

In what ways can independent restaurants, who might have less resources, use technology to their advantage?

Smaller independent restaurants should utilize the power of social media branding in order to promote themselves, partner with others and align with the community to stay connected to causes and relevant happenings that align with their messaging and vision. It can be a great tool that can build a consistent presence that will lead to bigger business.