Stopping Ransomware Before It Starts (Infographic)

It seems that no organization is immune to cyber attacks, particularly ransomware threats. Not long ago, JBS, the largest beef processing company in the world, had gone through a ransomware attack in which they ended up paying an $11 million ransom. You might initially think that your restaurant or small business wouldn’t be the target of such an attack, but think again. In 2020, ransomware attacks increased by at least 7x.  According to McAfee Enterprise and FireEye's Cybercrime in a Pandemic World: The Impact of COVID-19 findings, during the pandemic, 81 percent of global organizations experienced increased cyber threats with 79 percent experiencing downtime due to a cyber incident during a peak season.

Counting the true costs of ransomware attacks, consider that it also includes the halt of business operations. Many times, insurance claims are also being denied. Stay ahead of the curve – learn more about stopping ransomware threats before they start for your organization in the following visual deep dive below: