Staffing Issues Every Restaurant Owner Should Focus on Post-Pandemic

The hospitality industry is the third largest employer in the United States (behind healthcare and government.)  It’s a workforce of over 15 million people that all contribute to our country’s economy and culture in a major way.  While the hospitality industry has undeniably been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a resilient sector that is already starting to recover.

As business owners begin the process of hiring (or, in some cases, re-hiring) employees for their restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts and food services companies, here are five things to focus on:

All Hands on Deck 

In the wake of the pandemic, a lot of employees in management roles have been saddled with tasks typically given to hourly workers.  For example, if a restaurant had to temporarily shut down, they likely had to lay off or furlough their Hosts/Hostesses.  It would then be left to the Managers to answer the phones, take carryout orders and ensure delivery drivers pick up the correct bags, in addition to their regular duties.  Now more than ever, it’s crucial to look for people that have an “all- hands on deck” attitude.   

Consider Candidates from Other Industries

When looking at resumes, don’t rule someone out simply because they don’t have specific hospitality experience.  For example, individuals who have worked in retail have skills that are easily transferable to positions in a restaurant, bar or hotel. 

The Rule of Two

Look for candidates that have had no more than two different jobs within the past five-six years. 

Get Creative

The talent pool has shrunk – across the country – in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Be creative when it comes to how to recruit, hire and retain employees.  Now might be the time try something you’ve never done before like hiring an external recruiting firm to find the exact right person or offer a new roster of employee benefits to boost morale and keep your best people feeling happy and appreciated.

Leave it to the Professionals

Situations like this are one of the reasons why companies like EHS Hospitality exist.  Recruiters have a large database of candidates at their fingertips and have fostered relationships with a range of candidates – from many backgrounds and concepts – who bring solid experience to the table.

A solid, well-respected staffing company will put their money where their mouth is: our clients pay us only when we make a placement for them.  In the meantime, you run your business and focus on getting things back on track.