Spring Cleaning Your Employee Benefits for Greater Growth

Spring means high season is looming, and it’s time to staff up. No doubt there are some superstars among seasonal staff that you’d like to shift to full-time employees. The problem? Employers are facing a job market that’s at its lowest unemployment level in 49 years, so competition for qualified staff is fierce.   

Not only is the job market highly competitive among the food industry but, workers have even more employment options available – like gig economy jobs, so they can afford to be choosy. 

So how can your company set itself apart in this tight labor market? Put a spring cleaning focus on your benefits. Spark joy, and your company will outshine the competition. How? Provide access to free medical care to employees. Yes, free. Don’t tune out because you think it’s impossible. Hear me out. You’ll be glad you did.

According to a recent Gallup poll, and in-fact five years running, affording medical care is the top concern of Americans today and rightly so. Too many Americans, have been left out of the system unable to gain meaningful access to basic medical care.  For many more in our industry, as insurance premiums continue to rise, they are at the brink of dropping plans as they become further and further out of reach. The reality is that the current status quo employer-funded insurance plans are becoming financially unviable for the company and unusable their workers.   How does a $5,000 deducible plan that costs $500 a month make sense for a food service worker making $15/hr.  The math just doesn’t work.  

Companies that commit to offering affordable medical benefits will cultivate a great incentive that boosts employee morale and retention rates. The question is how to do it. 

The Power of Direct Care 

When you separate medical care from insurance, It’s really simple – and affordable.   Right now, employers all over America have found the power of direct care.  In fact it’s all the rage!  For just .65 cents an hour an employer can provide meaningful access to medical care for your employees.   

Direct care disruptors are able to provide primary medical care services to employees nationwide for an affordable monthly membership,  The services are free to the employee, providing peace of mind for a worker and the confidence that they can take care of their family in the face of rising health costs.

Think about it, Industry employees work long hours, and often can’t find off-hours to visit a doctor. Realistically, many common health problems can be treated without ever setting foot in the doctor’s office. A system that many direct care providers like Redirect Health utilize involves telemedicine, cutting down on many of the costs associated with minor ailments that can be diagnosed over the phone.

In-office care can also be a challenge for many workers, especially with a copay.  A national survey revealed that 40% of Americans say they didn’t go to a doctor in the last 12 months due to costs, and another 32% said they didn’t fill a needed prescription due to cost. We can do better than that – and the industry has. 

By keeping the cost of routine medical care low, now your employees can opt in for “buy-up” options for catastrophic or high-dollar needs that make sense for their budget.  

With a little spring cleaning, food service employers can deliver medical benefits to all employees without breaking the bank or running the risk of skyrocketing their workers' compensation premiums. You’ve taken control of your healthcare plan and now you can leverage this new found capability to cultivate happier, healthier workers, and a healthier bottom line.