Spooky Cocktails for Halloween

More than 171 million Americans are expected to get into the Halloween spirit this year with adults interested in spirts of the beverage kind.  In 2016, Americans are anticipated to spend an average of $82.93 on the holiday, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). This constitutes a 22.8 percent increase in holiday spending compared with 2015 lows. Overall, in 2016, the record number of holiday celebrants are projected to collectively spend $8.4 billion on costumes, candy, decorations and other spooky items.

Restaurants looking to cash in on the holiday have plenty of spooky cocktails to scare up customers. Here’s some inspiration.

Trejo’s Cantina offers the Headless Margarita rimmed with Black Himalayan salt. 

Trejo’s Cantina in Hollywood
Halloween Headless Margarita
Headless Margarita Photo by Trejo’s Cantina
Headless Margarita
Photo by Trejo’s Cantina
3 oz agave wine or 1.5 oz blanco tequila 
.75 oz lime 
.5 oz oj
.5 carrot 
.25 agave syrup or simple
Gilt Lounge in Sydney, Australia
Sugar Pot Fizz
Sugar Pot Fizz
Sugar Pot Fizz

30ml Grapefruit vodka

20ml Campari

10ml Mandarin cordial

60ml Rosè wine

15ml Water

All ingredients are put in a soda syphon and spritz. Served in a quaint sugar pot with smouldering Rosemary and edible flowers.

Borracha in Las Vegas
Heat Of The Moment
Heat of the Moment
Heat of the Moment

2 Slices Fresno Chile

2 oz. Espolon Reposado Tequila

1 oz. Funkin’ Passion Fruit Puree

½ oz. Fresh Lime Juice

½ oz. Agave Syrup

Build: Add all ingredients into mixing tin. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain over fresh ice into a big Martini glass.

Garnish: Half cinnamon sugar rim, Fresno Chile horns and lime spiral.

STK-Los Angeles
Green Goblin
Green Goblin
Green Goblin


2.75 oz Absolut Elyx

.5 oz Fresh lime juice

.75 oz Simple syrup

2 Slices of jalapeno

4 Basil leaves

Glass: Martini

Ice: No


Jalapeno slice


Add jalapenos and basil leaves into the mixing glass. Muddle. Add vodka, lime juice, simple syrup, shake & DOUBLE strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a jalapeno slice.

Borracha in Las Vegas 
One-Eyed Willie
One-Eyed Willie
One-Eyed Willie

2 oz. Botran Reserva Rum

1 oz. Cruzan Aged 151 Rum

1 oz. Pineapple Juice

1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

1 oz. Funkin’ Passion Fruit Puree

¾ oz. Monin Hibiscus Syrup

½ oz. Giffard Orgeat Liqueur (Almond)

Build: Add all ingredients into mixing tin. Add ice and shake vigorously. Now strain into skull over crushed ice.

Ice: Crushed

Glass: Skull

Garnish: Pineapple Top, Hollowed Half Lime with 151 Rum on Fire

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits asked its expert Master Mixologists to come up with their most creative and creepy cocktail recipes for this season’s haunted Halloween house parties. From Goblin Goblets and Poisoned Apple Martinis, to Blood Orange Margaritas and Cannibal Corpse Revivals, these recipes are sure to help consumers raise their spirits this Halloween. Southern Glazer’s employs 15 Master Mixologists across North America, responsible for educating bartenders, beverage buyers, and corporate clients about the latest trends in cocktail culture. Michelin star chefs, national restaurant chains, international hotels, and top spirits brands rely on Southern Glazer’s expert Mixologists to help them develop world-class beverage programs.

Armando Rosario, Director of Mixology, Florida
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice

1 ½ oz Vanilla vodka

1 ½ oz Dark Crème de Cacao

2 oz Pumpkin Puree

1 oz Cream

Method: Shake cream and pumpkin puree over ice to combine. Pour in remaining ingredients and shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass

Garnish: Rim Cocktail glass with graham cracker crumbs

Allen Katz, Director of Mixology & Spirits Education, New York
Cannibal Corpse Reviver #2
Cannibal Corpse
Cannibal Corpse

1.5 oz Navy Strength Gin

.50 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

.50 oz Simple Syrup

4 dashes Pear Eau de Vie

1 tsp Fernet Liqueur

Method: Shake ingredients over ice and strain into collins glass filled with fresh ice.

Garnish: Top with chilled Prosecco and garnish with a half-lemon wheel in the glass. Serve with a straw.

Francesco Lafranconi, Executive Director Mixology & Spirits Education, Nevada

1 1/4 oz Aged Rum

3/4 oz Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur or Pumpkin Spice Liqueur

1/2 oz Vanilla Liqueur

Method: Shake first three ingredients with ice then strain into a chilled cocktail glass and float the chai-flavored cream over it.

Garnish: Sprinkle of edible pumpkin crystals by Fresh Origin.

Glassware: Cocktail coupe

Floater: Heavy Cream-Spice Mix (serves 8): 12 oz Heavy Cream shaken with 3 oz Chai Syrup. Shake without ice until fluffy, but must not be whipped. Keep refrigerated after use. Shelf life: up to cream expiration date.

Natalia Cardenas, Mixologist, Illinois
Goblin Goblet

1.5 oz Vodka

1 oz Simple Syrup

.5 oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice

.5 oz Carrot Juice

Top with Bitter Lemon Soda

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice (except Fever Tree mixer), Strain.

Glassware: Ice-filled Collins

Garnish: Lemon wheel

Michael Przydzial, Beverage Program Specialist, Nevada
Poisoned Apple Martini
Poisoned Apple Martini
Poisoned Apple Martini

1 ½ oz Vodka

½ oz Melon Liqueur

½ oz Unfiltered Apple Juice

½ oz Fresh Lime Juice

½ oz Simple Syrup (1:1)

Method: Combine all ingredients in mixing glass/tin; shake/strain into Martini glass.

Glass: Martini

Garnish: Halloween inspired candies

Debbi Peek, Mixologist, North Florida
Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned
Pumpkin Spiced Old Fashioned
Pumpkin Spiced Old Fashioned

2 oz Bourbon

½ oz Housemade Pumpkin Spice Syrup*

½ Orange Wheel

Maraschino Cherries

Method: Muddle orange, cherry and pumpkin spice. Add bourbon and ice. Stir. Strain into an ice filled old fashioned glass.

Garnish: Candied orange slice and a cherry.

*Housemade Pumpkin Spice Syrup: 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, 1 Tbsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice – add pumpkin pie spice to sugar. Add hot water, stir until dissolved. Let cool.

Jeff Rogers, Mixologist, Minnesota
Blood Orange Margarita

2 oz Blanco Tequila

3/4 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1/2 oz Orange Liqueur

1/2 oz Blood Orange Liqueur – May use blood orange puree or juice instead. Must play with recipe if you use either of these as the sugar content can be high.

*1/4 oz agave nectar – if using liqueur you may add if looking for more sweetness

Garnish: thin lime wheel

Glassware: coupe

Procedure: Shake hard all ingredients and strain.

David Nepove, Director of Mixology, California
Dead Man Walking

1 1/2 oz Bourbon

1 oz Cloudy Apple Juice

3/4 oz Lemon Juice

1/2 oz Apple Spiced Syrup

1-2 oz Ginger Beer

Method: Shake and strain over fresh ice in a tall glass, add ginger beer, stir.

Garnish: Lemon and nutmeg garnish

MRM’s friends at Jose Cuervo offer some unique potent potable potions. 

Blood Orange Morgue-a-Rita 
Blood Orange Morgue-arita
Blood Orange Morgue-a-Rita

1 oz. 1800® Añejo Tequila

2 oz Blood Orange Juice

Splash of Agave

Garnish with Chili

Combine ingredients, serve over ice and garnish with chili pepper 

Witches Brew


2 ounces 1800® Coconut

3 slices papaya

¼ ounce honey

Pinch of basil

1/4 lime

Directions: Add all ingredients to shaker. Shake and strain into highball glass. Garnish with basil sprig.

Orange Cafe Flip 
Orange Cafe Flip
Orange Cafe Flip

1 oz. Hangar 1 Mandarin Blossom Vodka

1 oz. Heavy Cream

1 oz. Espresso

1 whole Egg

Fresh Nutmeg

Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake without any ice to emulsify the egg. Shake again with ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.