Six Ways to Use a Link Page for Your Restaurant (With Examples)

 You’ve decided to focus on your restaurant's social media marketing. You’ve created an Instagram account and posted awesome content. Now it’s time to turn likes and comments into dollars and cents by creating a Link Page.

What is a Link in Bio page? We’re so glad you asked. In this post, we'll explain what it is, why you need one, and what links you can add to give your social media marketing a jumpstart.

What is a Link Page?

Social Media platforms only allow you to attach one link to your bio which can be inconvenient. When you want to direct customers toward a different link later, you have to go back and change it each time. A Link Page solves this problem by hosting a menu of links accessible with one evergreen link. 

Here's a situation. Let’s say you post a picture to Instagram promoting a new holiday cocktail. In the caption, you write something like,

“Tis the season for Cranberry Martini’s! Get yours tonight during our holiday happy hour (4-6 p.m.) while supplies last. Visit our Link in Bio to learn more!”

A follower who spots your posts and wants to learn more would visit your profile, tap the link in your bio, 

Link in bio pages are the industry standard for businesses large and small.  That's because they’re handy marketing tools! Like an amusement park sign post with small signs that point in many directions, a Link in Bio page can help visitors find where they want to go faster.

When building your first Link in Bio page, you want to add your most important links that a potential customer would want to find. We’ve rounded up some common links we often see in Link Pages, as well as some unique ideas that can help your social media stand out. We’ve also included ideas for social media posts that you can use to send traffic to your Link in Bio page. 

Without further ado, here are ways to use a Link Page.

1.  Online Menu Link

The first thing most customers want to find is your online menu. Add this link first and keep it close to the top spot so customers can access it quickly. When adding your online menu, make sure that your “Order Now!” button is clearly visible. 

Example: “Check out our new online menu! Link in bio.” paired with a delicious picture of a dish on the menu.

2. Online Ordering Link

If you offer online ordering at your restaurant, you want to include a link to your online ordering form at the top of your Link Page. When customers have decided that they want to order your food to-go, they’ll be able to find the link with ease. 

Example: “Craving [best selling menu item]? You can now order online for pickup or delivery using the link in our bio.”

3.  Link to a Newsletter or Lead Capture Form

Text and email communication is key to restaurant digital marketing. Get your social media followers in the loop on new menu items, holiday specials, community events, or other news by adding a link to a lead capture form. A “lead” is personal data used to market an audience like an email or phone number. 

Example: Share a piece of news from your newsletter. Then add, “Check out our Link in Bio to sign up for more news and get 15% off their next order!”

4. Link to Promotion Details

Promotions are a great way to generate organic excitement for your business. Pick a promotion that suits an upcoming holiday or create your own! Build excitement for it by posting several times in advance.

Example: “We’re offering a 10% discount for students the first week of September! Click the link in our bio to make a reservation today!” 

5. Create a Review Funnel

A 2020 survey by Bright Local shared that 87 percent of consumers read online reviews of local businesses. A Link Page can boost your word-of-mouth marketing and online ratings by streamlining the review process for fans of your restaurant. Link to your Yelp page or a review page on your website. A Yelp check-in offer is a great way to entice people to leave a kind review of your restaurant. 

Example: “We’re now offering a 15% discount for Yelp check-in offers! Visit us online or in-store, show a server a picture of your review or upload a picture to your order notes, and we’ll make sure to add the discount at checkout. Leave us a review today at the Link in Bio”.

6. Link to New Hours

Sometimes you need to adjust your opening and closing times, but it can be hard to let customers know about the change in a cohesive way. A Link Page can direct curious followers to your updated hours page on your website.

Tip: Don’t forget to adjust your hours in google business and on Yelp afterwards!

Example: “We’re offering extended holiday hours this season! Come stop by as early as eight and we’ll stay open until 11. Visit our Link in Bio for our updated schedule”.

Bonus: Link to a Fundraiser

Using your restaurant’s platform to boost awareness of social issues can be a great way to build organic excitement for your brand. Use a Link Page to direct interested audiences to a Gofundme page or official website of a cause you care about. Consider hosting your fundraiser in the spring or summer, as those are the "off-seasons" when many charities need funding the most.

Example: Announce to your followers that you’re hosting a fundraising event with a goal of x dollars. Share information about the charity, and offer to match donations to help entice audiences to open their wallets.