Simple Ways to Upcycle Your Outdoor Space

If you’re a hospitality or restaurant business who utilise an outside space, then you’ll know that outdoors furniture and fittings can take a bashing with the weather.  Challenged by frequent rain, strong winds and the damp climate, your exterior design may struggle to keep itself on point. The good news is that there are several ways to revitalise this important space.  

Add a Lick of Paint

Has your outdoor furniture lost its colour? Is your fence starting to look a bit dog-eared, with multiple whitened patches here and there? You will be surprised by how much of a difference a fresh lick of paint will make to outdoor items. It is a cheap, effortless, and effective way to make an instant impact on the vitality and vigour of your external space. 

Why not try painting your fence black? It will feel as if it has magically disappeared will turn into a neutral backdrop that really emphasises any greenery you may be exhibiting. 

Remove Rust from Metal iIems

Rust is an all-year round problem. It feeds off dry, warm climates but can also build up and thrive in more rigid, humid, and rainy conditions. Therefore, it is very likely that your metal garden furniture will, at some point, start to corrode.

If you spot any rust on your outdoor items (e.g. outdoor heaters), do not worry. There are a couple of simple and cost-effective solutions that can tackle the issue. Firstly, anti-corrosion spray is able to provide high coverage and adhesion. It also comes in different colours to suit the tint of your furniture. Handy, right? 

Secondly, white vinegar can do the trick too. Pour it over the surface of your piece of furniture, give it an hour or so to settle, then wipe it away. Just make sure that you are both wearing gloves and using a cloth to clean the rust off.

Decorate with Fabrics

There may be some instances when the rain and bad weather get the better of your outdoor items. This is surely upsetting, but why not give them new life by experimenting with cheap and cheerful fabrics?

Indeed, a tablecloth will successfully revamp tired garden table. Equally, a pair of cushions will conceal all the shabby and damaged components of outdoor chairs. Moreover, fabrics will bring a hint of much-needed colour to your backyard and create a livelier ambience. 

This said, keep an eye out for those menacing black clouds. If the fabrics are not waterproof, it would be wise to bring them in before the rain comes.

Flower Up Old Chairs

An alternative way to upcycle a worn-out garden item is to reinvent its purpose. One idea could be to turn it into stylish flower beds. 

For instance, an old chair tarnished by the weather could become the perfect vase for vibrant plants. Remove the seat and staple a fabric into the void; then, fill it with compost and see your flowers grow. This also allows you to raise your plants from the ground, making them more visible for everyone to enjoy.

Light Up Plants with Stake Lights

With the arrival of the colder months, days become shorter and evenings become darker sooner. This, however, shouldn’t necessarily get in the way of outdoor business.  Do you still want to organise bbqs or garden parties? You may want to consider illuminating your plants and flowers with stake lights.

These are very affordable and give your backyard a tasteful, decorative touch. Stake lights are particularly impactful inside window boxes, creating a sophisticated atmosphere for your outdoor events.  

The hostile and wet conditions of the colder seasons can easily pose a threat to your outdoor furniture. With these tips at hand, though, you will be able to bring your tired items back to life in an effortless and inexpensive way.