Signs Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs to be Replaced (Infographic)

When your commercial fridges aren’t operating at full capacity, it has a negative impact on your business. From lost inventory to the increased risk for making customers sick, you need a dependable fridge that will keep your inventory and ingredients fresh. Not only do faulty commercial fridges cost money due to lost inventory, but they also add to your energy bills. With this in mind, it’s important to recognize the signs it’s time for a replacement. Whether you sell milk at the corner store or run an entire professional kitchen for a large restaurant or hotel, here are the signs you need a new commercial refrigerator:

  • Leakage and Frost Build-up: This stops food from staying cool and fresh while increasing the risk of bacterial growth.
  • Increase in Energy Costs: As your commercial fridge’s components start to fail, it takes more energy to cool down and reboot to reach a consistent, safe temperature.
  • Loud or Odd Sounds: Although even newer models might make some noise, loud or odd sounds are a sign your fridge is malfunctioning. As your fridge’s operation declines, you are at risk of food preservation issues.
  • Increasing Repair Costs: It’s just a matter of time that constant repair calls start to cost more than a new fridge. The more calls you need to make, the more likely it is more affordable to invest in a new fridge.
  • Food Spoils Before the Expiration Date: If your fridge is constantly shutting down, chances are your food will spoil more quickly. Foul smells and rotten food put guests and customers at risk of food poisoning.

Here we look at the signs your fridge is failing, the types of fridges available and how to take better care of your fridge.