Seven Reasons You Should Invest in a Projector and Screen Setup

In the ultra competitive landscape of bars and restaurants, providing unique and unforgettable experiences for your patrons is crucial. While for many sports bars, traditional flatscreen televisions have been the norm for watching sporting and live events, it’s time to take your establishment to new heights by upgrading with a game changing addition. It’s time for a projector and screen for your bar.

Imagine captivating your customers with larger than life visuals, immersing them in the heart of the action and creating an atmosphere that keeps them coming back for more. With the right projector and screen for your barroom, you can offer a bold, dynamic experience that can elevate your bar’s entertainment offerings to the next level.

Yes a bar projector and screen can be a sizable expenditure, but we’ve got seven compelling reasons why investing in your media setup is a no-brainer.

1. Be the Go-To Place for Big Sporting events

Why do people hit the bars to watch live sports? They want to be social, get out of the house and they want to get a TV watching experience they can’t get at home. 

A projector and screen combo creates a larger than life picture that allows patrons to fully immerse themselves in the game in a way their puny flatscreen just can’t match. This is especially desirable for sporting events where the details and the excitement of the game are best appreciated on a larger scale.

So when a group of friends are deciding where they want to watch a live event, their first thought is your sports bar where they can revel together in the glow of your impressive cinema screen.

2. Attract New Customers

One key to attracting new customers is to stand out from the other bars in the area. Having a giant projector screen is guaranteed to catch the eye of that highly coveted foot traffic enticing them to walk through the doors and experience the fanfare of your bar. The “WOW!” factor they’ll experience will engage them enough to sit down and order some drinks. And of course tell their friends about it.

If you’re able to invest in (and fit) a humongous 200+ inch projector screen, you’ll get new patrons from the worth of mouth buzz alone as the topic of your gigantic display will bring in cursious new customers who want to see this legendary screen.

3. Retain Regulars

Regular customers are the backbone to any bar or restaurant. But if you don’t give them a reason to keep coming back, they’ll find another watering hole to wet their whistles.

A true big screen experience will keep customers engaged and wanting to return night after night to bask in the glory of watching their favorite teams on such a tremendous screen.

4. Keep Patrons at the Bar Longer

The longer a customer stays the more they’ll order. So your goal is to keep them at the bar for as long as possible. By creating that exciting environment they can’t get anywhere else, a projector and screen will keep them watching the game from start to finish. (And may even keep them around for a doubleheader).

5. Create New Revenue Streams

A quality projector and screen setup is definitely an investment, but you can also use it to generate new revenue streams. Here are a few ways projection can directly earn you more money.

Enhance trivia nights – By showing the questions on a big screen, even crowded bars can still have an engaging trivia night.

Golf sim – Set up a driving range in your bar with a compact golf simulator. You’ll excite your patrons and can charge extra for a bucket of balls.

Silent movie nights – Host silent film nights where you can screen movies in the public domain from stars like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. You can even charge admission.

6. Generate Publicity

In a small town, a big projector screen is big news! When you install a projector and screen in your bar, you’ll want to tell the whole world about it. Many small town publications are starved for any content they can publish. A giant projector screen is quite newsworthy and can help you get attention from the press.

With the importance of social media for promoting bars and restaurants, the impressive pictures you can post with your projection setup is sure to catch attention as potential customers scroll through their instagram and facebook feeds.

7. Make the Competition Jealous

There’s no better feeling than knowing your competitors are envious that you’ve got the biggest and best display in town. When you get a projector and projection screen setup, you get to rub your entertainment superiority in their faces.