Seize the Opportunity: Increase Profits with Tableside Ordering and Payment Processing

A small but growing number of restaurant chains across the country are starting to seize on the latest technology in tableside ordering. These options allow them to better meet consumer demand for ease of payment while also streamlining their processes and making their operations run more efficiently. The tableside ordering trend is starting to pick up steam, but some restaurateurs may still be on the fence as to whether it will help them.

While many may think this kind of technology is best reserved for major chain restaurants, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest tableside ordering technology can be a boon for smaller operations as well, according to a report from Calzolaio Pasta Company in tiny Wilton, Maine, may not seem to be the most likely candidate for a tableside success story. However, that company adopted it, allowing visitors to place their orders and pay their bills right from their table and owners Tom and Rocell Marcellino believe it’s paying huge dividends.

“All the operations of the system are in-house, but the reporting and credit card processing are done in the cloud,” Tom Marcellino told the site. “This gives you the best of both worlds. You have very quick turnaround when processing credit cards, and very quick processing between servers in-house when processing orders, and you can continue operations even if the internet goes down.”

Ways To Save

There are plenty of ways in which the initial investment of a tableside ordering system can end up paying off quickly, according to Not only will these platforms allow for quicker turnarounds between when people first sit down in a restaurant, pay their checks and get up to leave, but there are other benefits as well. This can also help attract patrons who might feel the need for those faster turnaround times when they’re on the go.

Further, restaurants will be able to save time and money writing up and printing new menus when items change, and provide more information to customers about the meals than would be available on a printed menu, the report said. That might be particularly helpful when it comes to wine lists or nutrition information that require a deeper dive than what would traditionally be expected.

Getting Up To Speed

It was recently revealed that McDonald’s is planning to take the next step when it comes to adopting mobile and tableside ordering as well, in part due to the push for customer convenience, according to a report from the Associated Press. To that end, the company might also introduce tableside service to go with its new ordering kiosks, making the fast food giant into more of a sit-down restaurant than it has been in the past. This might also include the ability to order and pay for McDonald’s food from a smartphone.

With all these coming changes in mind, it’s vital for restaurants to make sure they’re doing all they can to meet evolving needs and streamline their businesses to maximize the strength of their bottom lines.