Satisfy Your Bottom Line with Millennial Parent Loyalty

A restaurant can service many families of millennial households. Young consumers, however, are many times not accounted for during the business strategy process. According to a Goldman Sachs report published in Fortune, millennial families are spending $1 trillion each year on their kids.

This demographic represents a lucrative opportunity to the restaurant industry. By improving the dining and restroom experience, with children’s needs in mind, business owners may reap the rewards of millennial parents’ time and money spent there.

Convenience and Quality

It all begins with a little knowledge. According to the National Restaurant Association, nearly six out of ten consumers say when planning a dinner trip, the restaurant must be family or kid-friendly. Parents are already faced with many difficult choices, picking out a place to eat shouldn’t be one of them. Facilitate your patrons’ decision by becoming the notorious child-friendly spot. Here is why you’ll want that reputation. 

Kids represent the future of the restaurant industry. Pave their way into brand loyalty by customizing menu items and incorporating healthy or organic food option on the menu. Six out of ten millennials say they eat healthier foods and half eat more organic products in comparison to their parents, as stated by a PLMA study. Millennials often start changing food preferences once they become parents themselves. They seek the same level of fast-food chain convenience but demand higher quality food. Fast-casual dining experiences are among their top picks- they offer convenience, quality, and value. 

Entertainment with a Side of Marketing

Another way to increase remuneration is to offer family entertainment. For some parents, going out to eat means getting a break from their little ones. Therefore, parents tend to seek out places where their kids can have a good time. Get creative and design family nights, add promotions directly targeting the youth. Typically, with a good experience, comes a returned visit. 


Children love technology, period. Be sure your facility offers young patrons with more interactive experiences. Consider digital entertainment, this option is great for restaurants with limited spaces. Many dinner houses have, already, incorporated interactive experiences that also help grow their brands. For instance, dine-in establishments have integrated QR codes on children’s menus. The code gets activated and downloads an application to their parents’ digital device. This way kids can take their activities past the dining table. Achieving the marketing top of mind strategy for their next visit.

Restroom Talk

You know what else keeps patron’s happy? Clean restrooms with hassle free-services. The restroom is an area that will spark the most conversation amongst parents. This is your opportunity to shine! Be revolutionary and get ahead of legislation, offer clean baby changing stations in both gender restrooms. If you want to blow parents away, offer a stand with extra diapers and baby wipes, for just-in-case situations. This will take your service to the next level. 

Speaking of next level service, don’t forget to include touchless fixtures into your restroom. Parents want to limit their exposure to germs. If it were possible, parents would get an armor that protected their children from bacteria. Well in essence that’s the duty of the HEPA filter found inside high-speed hand dryers. It purifies the air of the entire restroom. Plus, it helps avoid signs of unmaintained facilities; empty amenities and the accumulation of dirty paper towels on the floor.

As more millennials progressively become parents, it’s time for restaurants to begin reassessing their “family-friendly” offerings in order to meet the specific demands of this highly lucrative customer segment.