Restaurant Food Waste By the Numbers (Infographic)

Food waste has huge implications for people and the planet, period. With millions of Americans (42 million to be exact) coping with food insecurity and the ongoing negative impacts on our environment, it’s a reality we all live with. For restaurant owners, food waste is a huge cost factor that puts downward pressure on their bottom lines.

In short, food waste is a triple threat for our society.

The good news is that with the right strategies in place, restaurants can significantly reduce their food waste footprint in ways that positively impact the customers they serve, our shared environment, and their profit margins. With the right mindset and few key shifts in their operational practices, restaurants can achieve this win-win-win for everyone involved in the dining experience.

Take a peek here at the numbers behind our food waste challenges and a few methods restaurants can use to address the problem and to learn more, click here