Processors and Online Ordering Platforms Are the Perfect Pairing

It’s not secret the world is becoming increasingly mobile. In fact, in 2016, the popularity of mobile devices overtook traditional PCs for the first time ever. Tablet sales outpaced desktops and web searches performed on mobile devices outnumbered those run from PCs.

It has become essential for even the most traditional face-to-face businesses to cater to mobile device users.

It has become essential for even the most traditional face-to-face businesses to cater to mobile device users. The phrase, “There’s an app for that.” has become a cliché — because it’s true. There is an app for just about anything you can think of. Having an app related to your business might not guarantee success, but not having one will definitely hold you back.

Many companies are finding that one of the most lucrative modern marketing strategies is to partner with mobile app developers. Often, these partnerships prove to be beneficial for both parties, increasing revenue and reach while reducing marketing costs. Online and mobile restaurant ordering apps offer a particularly advantageous partnership opportunity for credit card and payment processors.

At BiteHeist, we break away with the common practice of processing orders for multiple establishments all in one place. Instead, we give eating establishments their own customized app and website that lets them stand out from competition instead of mixing among them. With these kinds of apps already being put to use in many popular eating establishments, there are several undeniable benefits for processors who take advantage of the chance to work together.

More Transactions

The first, and most obvious, benefit of partnering with developers of these types of apps is that payment processors get more transactions without any extra marketing effort. Every transaction from every client requires electronic payment processing. As the apps’ client lists grows, so do the number of transactions that need to be processed.

Broader Customer Base 

Most of these apps are already marketed to eating establishments on a national level. Payment processors can pick up new clients all across the United States, breaking through geographical boundaries.

Offer a Bonus to Clients 

When bringing on new restaurant clients, in addition to payment processing, processors can offer a fast and easy to set up online and mobile ordering application. Clients easily increase their reach and establish a presence in the mobile market. This extension of their business ultimately results in more transactions, benefiting both client and processor.

Innovative Image 

By offering this type of application as a part of the payment processing package for restaurants, the processor projects an image of innovation. Each restaurant is given their own individual app and ordering system, not just added to a list of their competitors in someone else’s application. The ability to easily jump into the online and mobile markets without the need to look for a separate solution will be seen by potential clients as a unique opportunity.

Unmatched Flexibility 

This type of order processing application offers restaurants complete customization options. Business owners get an opportunity to stand out, not join a service that makes them look like everyone else. With an individualized and branded application, it becomes possible to take orders online from the web, through the mobile app, or even right from the table. Pitching these options with a payment processing package makes for an irresistible offer. Traditional online ordering websites simply can’t offer this kind of specialized solution.