On Display: Restaurant Kitchen Efficiency

If you’re a restaurant owner, you’ve probably heard of the kitchen display system. But what is it, and how could it improve your restaurant? 

The kitchen display system (also called the kitchen video system) is a digital alternative to kitchen printers and paper tickets that connects to your restaurant’s POS software. Essentially, it acts as a communication link between the front and back of the house. As soon as an order is recorded in the POS system, it is sent to a touchscreen in the kitchen. Orders are displayed with their respective time of entry. Upon completion, orders can be cleared out of the queue using a bumpbar.  

Efficient, right?  

All restaurants stand to gain by implementing a KDS in their restaurant. Here are just a few benefits of the KDS: 

Higher Productivity 

The KDS keeps track of how long it takes each employee to complete orders and holds employees accountable by alerting them when an order hasn’t been completed in a prescribed timeframe. For restaurants with larger kitchens, the central KDS system automatically transfers orders to the correct kitchen station. KDS = streamlined kitchen operations & motivated staff. 

Satisfied Customers 

Who hasn’t had a bad experience with paper tickets? Messy handwriting, tickets falling off the line or simply getting lost, delay between server and chef… None of that anymore. With its bright-lit screen and real-time processing capabilities, the KDS ensures that orders are correct and served in a timely manner. And, the KDS alerts your kitchen staff when they’re low on ingredients, meaning you’ll never run out of a customer’s favorite dish again. 

Brink POS Software Integrations

Ease of Integration 

Not only does the KDS integrate to your restaurant POS software, it also integrates to your restaurant website and custom app. By allowing your KDS to integrate to your online and mobile functions, you eliminate the need for a cashier or bartender to re-enter the order into the POS system to create a printed ticket. Online orders will be sent to the kitchen automatically, and customers will receive their meals more quickly. 

Reduce Waste, Save Money 

The KDS reduces more than just paper and food waste. Managers can analyze the data and reduce labor costs by eliminating lazy staff and scheduling their best workers for the busiest shifts. In an industry where profit margins are low, saving money is a no-brainer.  Make the most of your restaurant’s potential, and upgrade to a kitchen display system.