Must-Have POS Software Features for Pizza Restaurants

An up-to-date, efficient POS system can go a long way in a pizza place. Between delivery and in-store business, a pizza parlor owner has a lot on their hands to worry about. The pizza business is an ultra-competitive industry with razor thin margins. As a result, many pizza shop owners are turning to technology to gain a competitive edge. Having a standard POS system just won’t cut it. Finding a pizza POS system tailored to the unique needs of the industry and your business is critical to success.

It may not seem like it initially, but pizza establishments are some of the most complex of all of the restaurants from a software perspective. Pizza is a highly demanded food item. Due to that popularity and the fact that pizza gets delivered to homes, offices, and everywhere in between, the activity inside of a pizza business can be extremely chaotic at peak times. An up-to-date and efficient POS system can go a long way in a pizza place. Between delivery and in-store business, a pizza parlor owner has a lot on their hands to worry about. Having a system that can keep up with the chaotic ebb and flow will help enable smoother and more profitable running of not only the seating area, but the delivery orders as well.

Let’s take a look at six critical software features every pizza POS system should have: 

Modifiers Will Help Customize Orders and Improve Order Accuracy

In the pizza business, customer orders can come in a variety of combinations of toppings, crusts, and sizes. Finding a POS system with the flexible order entry system that utilizes modifiers, hot buttons and other advanced ordering features is critical. The ability to add unlimited food items and categories to your menu will simplify the order taking process and improve order accuracy, thus reducing food waste. In addition, consider add-on peripherals like a two color kitchen printer which will print any modifiers in color to catch the attention of your food preparation staff. 

Online Ordering 

We live in a world of conveniences; online ordering is one that consumers have grown to expect. If your pizza POS system doesn’t offer online ordering, you will likely fall behind the competition. With online ordering, customers can place their order from the convenience of any tablet, smart phone, or mobile device. In addition, customers can schedule orders and determine whether they want to pick the order up at the store or have it delivered to a specific location. Many online ordering systems also enable the customer to pay online, thus improving security for delivery drivers that will now have less cash to carry. 

Flexible Menu and Pricing

Setting up and using flexible menu and pricing should be as easy as building a pizza. One way to expedite the order entry process is to set up hot keys in the POS system with pre-configured pricing. This pricing can be based on a number of ordering options including the size, crust, and toppings ordered. If you have a special where customers can purchase a pizza, drink, and a side for one set price, you can create a hot key for that special or any menu item that is frequently ordered. 

Flexible menu systems can also improve the efficiency of your pizza shop. The fewer buttons and screens an employee has to go through to enter an order, the faster the order can be completed. Flexible menu systems enable your business to tailor the ordering process to how you do business. 

Integrated Caller ID and Delivery

For pizza businesses that rely heavily on delivery, the ability to give your customers an accurate wait time and meet that delivery time is crucial to ensuring repeat business. A pizza POS system with integrated caller ID will enable your staff to easily pull up the customer’s name, address, and order history based on the phone number they are calling from as they begin the order taking process. It will also allow you to schedule and track delivery operations, including viewing of delivery progress to ensure delivery times are met. 

Increase Efficiency With Driver Routing 

Pizza POS systems with advanced delivery functionality will also often offer driver routing features to expedite delivery and increase efficiency. The ability to route drivers efficiently so they can make more stops per route will not only reduce fuel costs but also improve customer satisfaction through reduced wait times. It doesn’t matter how good the pizza is, if it is not delivered promptly, you can expect customers to never order again. 

Promotions, Coupon Marketing, and Loyalty Programs 

A well-designed pizza POS system can run a coupon promotion without forcing the owner to invest large amounts of money in print or newspaper advertisement. Instead of dumping money into print, a smart POS system can simply collect the email addresses of frequent customers and send out promotions straight to their inbox. It will save on costs all while making your customers happier and connecting them better to your establishment. 

Loyalty programs are highly successful in these current times. Customers are hyper connected through the widespread proliferation of smartphones, which means they are more invested in the products and places they choose to spend their money. A POS system that has a loyalty program built into it can eliminate the need for pesky punch cards. It also will attract customers to continue coming back in hopes of rewards or discounts. According to the Access Customer Loyalty Statistics, 53 percent of Americans participate in a loyalty program because of ease of use. This means that pizza shop owners have a great chance at getting at least 50 percent of their customer base to sign up for a loyalty program. 

Finding the right Pizza POS system for your business is a process. It takes time to find the right pizza POS system that meets the unique and individual needs of your business. With so much going on in a pizza establishment on any given day, it is extremely easy for things to slip through the cracks or get pushed to the wayside. A POS system that helps streamline operations, keep delivers rolling smoothly, and allows staff to give the best possible service to every guest will not only improve reputation but it will increase profits and keep customers coming back. The right POS software will improve your pizza place’s bottom line and will also establish your business as one of the best places to order delivery or grab a slice.