MRM’s Most Read: Top 20 Articles of All Time

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine reached a milestone this week: the publication of our 2,000th article. To commemorate the occasion, we are offering a list of our most-read articles to give readers an idea of the depth of our resource library.

"In a little less than four years, we have amassed an incredible amount of vital restaurant content thanks to our more than 800 contributors and, of course, our loyal readers," said Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia. "As we compiled the list, we were pleased to see how many topics addressed solutions for industry-wide problems such as hiring, staffing and marketing. MRM's thought leadership is getting stronger and more focused and look forward to grow this library in the future."

Read on for MRM's most-popular articles:

  1. The Psychology Behind Great Restaurant Design (Infographic)
  2. 10 Strategies to Attract Restaurant Customers
  3. What Do Food Delivery Services Cost? (Infographic)
  4. The 27 Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas
  5. Talking With: Stacy Brown, Chicken Salad Chick Founder
  6. Seven Wasteful Sins: How You’re Losing Profits on Draft Beer Sales
  7. Are Online Ordering Services Killing Your Restaurant?
  8. Essential Leadership Skills for New Restaurant Managers
  9. Ten HR Challenges That May Be Holding Your Restaurant Back
  10. Ways To Improve Efficiency in Your Restaurant
  11. Five Flooring Considerations for Commercial Kitchens
  12. Local Store Marketing – LSM – Is it Too Hard or are Restaurants Too Lazy?
  13. 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants
  14. Tips vs Service Charges: Navigating the Murky Waters of Restaurant Gratuities
  15. What is Your Restaurant Worth? Top Four Factors in Restaurant Business Valuation
  16. Protecting Your Restaurant’s Intellectual Property Is More Important Than You Think
  17. Five Ways Technology Is Impacting the Restaurant Industry Right Now
  18. Is Social Media Important for the Food and Drink Industry?
  19. The End of the Shift Drink
  20. The Impact of Reviews on the Restaurant Market (Infographic)