MRM’s Most Popular for 2017

In lieu of  MRM’s Daily Bite, today we are looking back at a few of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine’s most popular articles in 2017. They run the gamut from design to features to trends, technology and case studies. Expect more and better in 2018!

One of our top posts was Fishers: Creating Culinary Destinations in the Back ‘Yard’ on how one community is embarking upon an estimated $40-million endeavor to establish a culinary and entertainment center in the city.

The U.K.-based Industville, which produces original hand-crafted industrial lighting for home, retail stores, trendy restaurants and coffee shops, provided us with this infographic, The Psychology Behind Great Restaurant Design.

The experts at Toast provided us wth this look at Top Restaurant Technology Trends for 2017.

A post from Oasis Outsourcing detailed  Ten HR Challenges That May Be Holding Your Restaurant Back

Trends proved to be a popular topic in  U.K. Restaurant Trends for 2018 from Nisbets and 2018 Predictions from Restaurant Industry Insiders

The importance of checklists for restaurants was highlighted by Alena Tikhova is the CEO of Dodo Pizza USA in Mastering the Art of Checklists at Your Restaurant.

It’s not surprising that Millennials were a hot topic for MRM readers. The Future of Food: Are You Ready for the Millennials? from the experts at Maru/Matchbox featured an infographic with insights into the important demographic for the hospitality industry.

A study on how one franchise utilized automated marketing from LoyaltyPlantKFC AmRest: A Case Study in Automated Marketing Campaigns, was among the most read. 

And, an edition of our MRM’s Daily Bite,  Reserve Fuels Growth and the Popularity of Meat Alternatives, made the list.