MRM’s 10 Most-Read Articles of 2019

Before we look forward to 2020, we need to glance back at 2019. Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine continued to grow, registering more than half a million page views. Again, most of our top posts showcased thought leadership on hot topics in restaurant management.
Here are the top ten articles that resonated with MRM's audience:
  1. Posts on how to better market your restaurant are always traffic drivers with this piece from the team at Tangoo, taking top honors.  
  2. Best practices for kitchen cleaning from the experts at PartsTown proved to be a winner.
  3. Be smart and read this piece on SMART goals from QSR Automations.
  4. Who doesn't love a mystery? Read more to learn where Chick-fil-A customers eat on Sundays.
  5. We knew this piece on drones and food delivery would attract attention.
  6. This article from BevSpot details the lessons every restaurant owner and manager needs to hear. 
  7. Legal issue posts like this on SSA No-Match letters are part of MRM's extensive library featuring legal experts such as Becki Young, a partner with Grossman Young & Hammond.
  8. A report on digital disruption proved to be very interesting to readers.
  9.  Learning more about "Near Me" searches was a hit. 
  10. The combo of cloud kitchens and delivery from  ItsaCheckmate is thought leadership at its finest. 
(If you'd like to read even more, in celebration of our 2,000th article earlier this year, we published a list of our all-time most-read articles.)