MRM Savor: Pizza and Wine Pairings (Infographic)

The beer-and-pizza combination is one that’s near and dear to the hearts of millions of Americans — but we’re here to tell you it may be time to rethink your approach. Have you ever heard the saying, “if it grows together it grows together”? It’s the reason that we nestle strawberries and rhubarb together in one pie, and the inspiration behind risottos with peas and asparagus.

Well, the same principle can be applied to pizza. While — sadly — there aren’t an abundance of pizza trees sprouting up, pizza and wine both have Italian roots. So it’s natural that we should pair them together for the perfect Italian dining experience. 

There are countless wine and pizza combinations, but pairing your glass with your slice is an art. Tomato sauce is acidic, so you’ll want a complementary wine with high acidity. When considering the tannins of the wine, opt for a wine with a lower tannin content. Wines with a high tannin content can actually taste metallic in combination with tomato sauce.

Become your own sommelier and try out these perfect pairings for every palate.