MRM News: Top #RestaurantTech Trends

In this MRM News clip, Steve McKean, President and Chief Operating Officer for TableSafe® Corporation, provider of the RAIL™ pay-at-the-table platform, talks about what restaurant technology trends he sees taking hold in the coming months. 

The RAIL is purpose-built for the full-service restaurant industry. The device is housed inside a patented billfold that replicates the folio that restaurants have traditionally used to deliver the guest’s check to the table.  This payment agnostic platform enables the restaurant guest to securely self-insert or self-swipe credit, debit or chip-enabled cards, or to pay with their phone. It also allows the guest to auto-calculate the tip, split the bill multiple ways, pay-by-item, and receive email receipts.
Incorporating the latest payment technology, the RAIL is designed to accept both current and future payment methods, including traditional Mag stripe, EMV (chip and signature, and chip and pin), NFC (Apple Pay, Android Pay), QR/UPC code, and other mobile payment applications.  The technology also provides restaurants with security features including Point-to-Point Encryption, as well as PCI and EMV compliance.  The savings gained from faster table turns and improved efficiencies in both the front and back of the house resulted in a five-percent revenue lift in one of the pilot restaurants.