MRM News: The Mad Growth of Teriyaki Madness

Fueled by demand for healthy food within the Asian fast casual food segment, Teriyaki Madness has opened 14 new locations so far in 2017 and is moving into additional cities and states throughout the country, including Northern California, Metro Atlanta, Montana, New York, South Carolina and Miami. With 58 percent systemwide growth year-to-date, the company is on track to open its 50th teriyaki shop by the end of the summer and will have almost 60 shops up and running by the end of the year.
“Our mindset is to serve big bowls of incredible, bold, flavorful food in communities all over the country, and the shop sales numbers certainly speak for themselves,” said Teriyaki Madness CEO Michael Haith. “We are growing strategically and aggressively right to plan. It is clear that there is a national demand for our concept and we will continue to cater to those seeking customizable fast casual options that provide delicious, healthy food at a great price.”
Teriyaki Madness currently has franchise agreements signed for more than 150 teriyaki shops and has its eyes set on 500 shops opened worldwide in the next seven years. The brand has also bolstered its front office, bringing in Brooks Speirs, who brings 17 years of franchise development experience with multiple high growth brands–most recently Moe’s Southwest Grill– to serve as the company’s new Vice President of Franchise Development.
“To ensure sustained growth for the business, it is important to make sure that we have the right people within our system to support our current and future franchisees,” Haith said. “The success of a company is not determined by one person, but rather by a collective effort of exceptional people, systems and processes both at the local shop level and at our home office.”
In this MRM News clip, Haith discusses the franchise’s thoughtful approach to aggressive growth and the business model.