MRM Imbibe: Ripple Maker PM and Take Up The Torch

MRM Imbibe features beer, wine and spirits news. This column includes Ripples, GINSTR, REVEL, US Open Blind Wine Tasting Competition, Precept Wine, Toast and BevSpot, NRA and  Beam Suntory, Wine Trail Adventures and the Craft Wine Association, emBRAZEN, Michter’s Distillery, Bacardi, Southern Glazer’s, Columbia Winery, Two Roots Brewing Co., Tiger Group and Schneider Industries, Inc., Precision Fermentation and Motley Brews.

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Ripple Maker PM Debuts

Foam has become a new content feed. Hundreds of thousands of personalized images and messages are printed onto beers and coffees around the world each month thanks to the Ripple Maker, a Wi-Fi enabled countertop device that prints any content on top of a variety of foam-topped drinks. RipplesTM unveiled a new device, the Ripple Maker PM, with the capability to print personalized content onto foam-topped cocktails, top photo, in addition to beer in seconds, and an upcoming Ripples ChatBot.

Along with the new Ripple Maker PM, the current Ripple Maker has been rebranded as the Ripple Maker AM and will be used for personalized images and messages on foam-topped coffee and lattes.

“We started Ripples with the idea that a drink could serve as a communication platform,” said YossiMeshulam, CEO of RipplesTM. “Thousands of customers are enjoying Ripple Maker AM on coffee and thenew beer extract announced earlier this year draws tremendous industry attention. Now we are excited to bring to the market a new device designed specifically for printing on cocktails and beer. Whether people need a morning jolt with the Ripple Maker AM or to spice up their evening with the Ripple Maker PM, our customers can serve printed coffees, beers or cocktails with personalized content that inspires,lifts up, and creates unique experiences and emotional connections with their customers.”

From pisco sours and espresso martinis to stouts and cask ales, the Ripple Maker PM jazzes up any nighttime drink. To accomplish this, the new device accommodates the different heights of cocktail and beer glasses, supporting glasses that range from 4.25 to 9 inches tall. It also features a new base design to better stabilize taller glasses and prevent spillage. In addition to changes in its form factor, the Ripple Maker PM software has been optimized for beer and cocktail glasses with a print time of about 10 seconds per drink. 

With the Ripple Makers, any foam-topped coffee, beer and now cocktail is turned into a joyful and Instagramable moment using the latest 3D and inkjet printing technologies. Both devices print beautiful, high-resolution images and messages at the touch of a button using Ripples’ coffee extract ink (Ripple Maker AM) or malt-based ink (Ripple Maker PM) that have no effect on the flavor of a drink. The Wi-Fi connected, counter-top sized devices feature a highly intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen system, making Ripples a highly convenient and versatile way to transform a simple drink into a one-of- a-kind experience that keeps customers coming back for more. No special training is needed to operate the devices, and the opportunities for creating content are infinite, allowing any bartender, event host or server to add a special touch to any foam-topped beverage. Customers can even send a photo, personal image or message to either Ripple Maker through the Ripples mobile app on iOS or Android.

To make the entire process of engaging with customers through personalized, printed beverages even easier, RipplesTM is also rolling out capabilities for patrons to be able to send a photo or selfie directly to a Ripple Maker in their favorite establishment through Facebook Messenger with the Ripples ChatBot. The Ripples ChatBot offers a simplified experience, allowing customers to upload an image for printing onto their favorite drink right into Facebook Messenger.

The Ripple Maker PM with cocktail capabilities is available now in the U.S. and Canada for $3,000 with an annual subscription fee of $1,500, which includes all consumables for up to 6,000 prints, customer service support and advice on best content practices. It is 22 inches tall (2.5 inches taller than the Ripple Maker AM) and weighs 27.5 pounds. 

World’s Best G&T

More than 600 different gin distillers from 90 countries competed in London at the der International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) to decide which gin would turn out to be the best this year. The victor in the Gin & Tonic Trophy this year may well come as something of a surprise: The highly regarded prize went for the first time to Germany – to a small Stuttgart distillery. GINSTR – Stuttgart Dry emerged victorious over all the well-known international brands and is now the world’s best gin for a gin and tonic.

GINSTR Gin from Stuttgart, Germany won the IWSC Gin & Tonic Trophy in London.

What is noteworthy is that the Stuttgart gin has been on the market for only around 18 months. The brand started in life as a hobby pursued by distillers Alexander Franke, 34, and Markus Escher, 27. It is still being made in small quantities in their own distillery using juniper berries they have grown themselves, along with ingredients from the Stuttgart region. GINSTR received the gold medal at the World Spirits Award earlier this year, and has now been acknowledged as the best in the world for gin and tonic.

The IWSC’s international jury comprises 400 jurors who spend several months of the year tasting and assessing wines and spirits from all over the world. Set up in 1969, the competition is regarded as the most important prize in the sector. In addition, there was a separate special commendation for the young distillers in the form of the IWSC’s Outstanding Gold for the unusually clear outcome of the test in this category. In 2011 Monkey 47 won at the IWSC as the first gin from Germany, since then becoming a brand with an international reputation.

Reposado of the Year

Earning top honors from some of the country’s most prestigious competitions, REVEL is fast making a name for itself within the spirits industry. At this year’s 2018 New York International Spirits Competition, REVEL’s Reposado garnered significant praise from the judges, winning both a gold medal and being crowned “Tequila Reposado of the Year.” REVEL’s Blanco Avila® also took home the bronze medal at the competition.

Revel Avila_Blanco & Reposado

“We are thrilled and humbled by the reception our products are getting,” said Micah McFarlane, CEO of Revel Spirits. “These awards are a true testament to not just the quality of the agave we’re using in our Avila®, but the unique characteristics afforded by the terroir of Morelos and the passion the region has for developing the finest agave spirits the world has to offer.”

The list of awards also include a double gold and gold for Reposado and Blanco, respectively, as well as the “Best of Class” prize for its packaging from the SIP Awards. The Los Angeles International Spirits Competition also awarded gold medals for the brand’s Reposado and Blanco expressions. Most recently, REVEL earned two medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, which awarded the brand’s Reposado a silver medal and its Blanco the bronze. Additionally, Tasting Panel Magazine, the most widely circulated trade publication in the beverage industry, gave REVEL a 98 rating for its Blanco and Reposado expressions. 

REVEL’s Avila® is truly the first of its kind as it represents a new category of distilled liquor derived from 100% blue weber agave. A cousin to the popular tequila agave spirit, Avila® can only be produced using agave grown and distilled in the Morelos region, a small state in the south central part of Mexico. The world’s first Avila®, REVEL is handcrafted using a blend of roasted and steamed bulbs or piñas, a process that marries the old-world characteristics of mezcal with newer tequila-like techniques to provide a truly one-of-a-kind profile.

Sold in upscale bars and liquor stores in Minnesota and California, REVEL is currently available in two expressions: Blanco, which is immediately bottled after distillation, and Reposado, which is aged for 12 months in a once-used whisky oak barrel to provide a scotch-like taste.

US Open Blind Wine Tasting Competition 

Wine tasting enthusiasts from around the state competed in the US Open Blind Wine Tasting Competition to become Team USA at the upcoming World Wine Tasting Championship being held on October 13  in Chateau Saint-Pierre de Serjac, Languedoc, France.

On August 11, 2018, 8 teams of 2 converged at the Marina Del Rey Hotel in Los Angeles, CA in hopes of taking home the championship. Each team blind tasted 6 white and 6 red wines from around the world gaining points by identifying its primary grape, country & region of origin, vintage, and producer. In the end two teams emerged as the victors and will be heading to France as Team USA in October.

The winners of the US Open Blind Wine Tasting competition:  

1st place:

Kristin Shubert and Lisa Stoll achieving an impressive 124 points.

2nd place:

Gina Cook and Christine Tanaka took second with a strong 91 points.

These two teams will now form the first ever all female Team USA Wine.

Presented by Wine Acuity, LLC, the Wine Tasting US Open offers wine experts and enthusiasts a chance to compete for the opportunity to represent the US in the World Wine Tasting Competition. Winning this competition isn’t easy. Two of the more challenging wines in the competition confounded all teams for a grand total of zero points scored.

The 12 wines the contestants at the Wine Tasting U.S. Open Championship had to identify through blind tasting (PRNewsfoto/Wine Acuity)

Wine Acuity CEO, John Vilja, says “Kristen and Lisa, did a remarkable job. A score of 124 points would have put them in top ranks at the World Championship. In fact, they would have been the champions in 2017 with that score.” Mr. Vilja continues, “They not only identified seven varietals properly, they also named one of the producers correctly, something that is nearly impossible to do.” Mr. Vilja believes the combined skills of the two teams makes them world class competitors and looks forward to seeing them compete, and hopefully take home the victory, at the world championship.

For information on the Wine Tasting U.S. Open and the World Wine Tasting Championship visit:

Precept Wine Acquires Truett-Hurst’s Wholesale Unit

Precept Wine today announced the acquisition of Sonoma County, California-based Truett-Hurst’s wholesale business unit and its assets. Truett-Hurst, Inc. is an innovative wine sales, marketing and production company that celebrated its 10th anniversary last October. The Truett-Hurst portfolio includes both national and exclusive brands created for retailers, including Albertsons, The Kroger Co., Trader Joes, Total Wine & More and several others. The acquisition gives Precept a foothold in the California wine market and bolsters its Grape & Grain exclusive label business, the fastest growing portion of its portfolio, accounting for 35 percent of the company’s annual sales. Combined Precept and Truett-Hurst will produce more than 1 million cases of exclusive label wine annually.  Truett-Hurst will retain its Dry Creek Estate and direct-to-consumer brands Truett Hurst and VML.

“Phil knows what it takes to source, create and develop private label and national brands,” said Precept Wine Chief Executive Officer Andrew Browne. “His extensive knowledge and proven track record will be invaluable to our future growth and commitment to customer nirvana.”

As part of the acquisition, Phillip L. Hurst, Truett-Hurst President, Chief Executive Officer and Director will join Precept to focus on national and exclusive brands. Hurst is one of the founders of Winery Exchange Inc. As co-founder and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing from 1999 to 2007, he helped grow the company to over $100 million in sales in less than 10 years. Hurst is also a veteran winemaker with more than three decades of expertise.

Hurst said, “There are a lot of companies creating exclusive labels but none to the degree of Precept. Precept is genuinely dedicated to the customer at every step of the process and the company’s unprecedented success demonstrates this. I’m very excited to join this dynamic team and help them continue with their impressive success.”

In addition to Truett-Hurst’s retail exclusive brands, the company makes and markets several national wine brands including, Cense, Colby Red and Dearly Beloved. Cense is the first premium low-calorie wine endorsed by Weight Watchers and the SmartPoints®-friendly California Rosé (13.99) and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (13.99) are only 85 calories per 5fl/oz serving and 3 SmartPoints®. Colby Red($11.99), crafted by renowned winemaker Daryl Groom, is a delicious red dedicated to raising funds for cardiac research, donating more than $1 million to charities to date. Dearly Beloved is an uncompromising quality and innovative packaged California wine available in Forever Red ($12.99), I Thee Red ($8.99) and Chardonnay ($12.99). The company’s 30 exclusive brands are available through more than 5 prominent retailers across the United States and 10,000 points of distribution.

“The Truett-Hurst addition furthers our dedication to giving on- and off-premise accounts a competitive edge with our exclusive label offerings,” said Alexandra Evans, Chief Marketing Officer, Precept. “The company shares our highly customer centric model and will be instrumental in building our Grape & Grain division to new heights. We also plan to put a lot of marketing emphasis behind Truett-Hurst’s thriving national brands.”

Toast Integrates with BevSpot

Toast is now integrated with BevSpot. The out-of-the-box integration combines item-level point-of-sale data from Toast with inventory and ordering details available in BevSpot without the need for spreadsheets, uploads, or exports.  

“Toast simplifies our operations by combining POS, front of house, back of house, and guest-facing technology on a single restaurant management platform,” said Heather Lynch, general manager, Bar Mezzana. “BevSpot’s seamless integration through the Toast API Partner Program simplifies inventory management and will empower us to focus on delivering the best dining experience possible versus spending extra time reconciling back-end data.”  

Members of the Toast community can leverage BevSpot’s kitchen and bar solutions for:

  • Fast, collaborative inventory tracking: Take inventory on any device, even without an internet connection; spot trends to make smarter purchasing decisions and increase bottom line.

  • Smart ordering and record-keeping: Ditch the filing cabinet. Instantly send out orders, search order history, upload invoice images, and effortlessly manage communications with sales reps via BevSpot.

  • Sales performance insights: Calculate sales, profit, and pour costs across categories by reconciling POS data with inventory and ordering data. Receive sales performance trends, detailed usage data, and variance reports.

NRA and Beam Suntory Partner to Promote Responsible Alcohol Service

The National Restaurant Association  and Beam Suntory are partnering to promote responsible service through their proprietary programs, ServSafe Alcohol® and Drink Smart

ServSafe Alcohol is the industry’s premier alcohol service training program developed by the National Restaurant Association. Drink Smart is Beam Suntory’s global proprietary program for educating consumers about the responsible consumption of alcohol. Through this partnership, Beam Suntory and the National Restaurant Association will develop co-branded content to be used as alcohol safety education for the restaurant and hospitality industry, reaching over one million industry professionals each year.

“This partnership demonstrates Beam Suntory’s commitment to responsible service and consumption of alcohol,” said Sherman Brown, Executive Vice President, Training and Certification, ServSafe. “Our entire association and broader industry will benefit from our shared commitment to educating employees in responsible alcohol service.”

This agreement serves to extend Beam Suntory’s Drink Smart platform beyond consumer education and into responsible alcohol service at retail and restaurant locations.  The co-branded educational materials for the ServSafe Alcohol program will be available in time for the restaurant industry’s Serv-It-Up program in the fourth quarter.

“We are so pleased to be partnering with the National Restaurant Association and know that this relationship will send a strong message about the commitment of Jim Beam and our entire brand portfolio to responsible beverage service by the trade and responsible consumption by consumers,” said Ken Ruff, Beam Suntory’s Vice President, National Accounts On-Premise. “As part of our global commitment to reduce alcohol misuse, partnering with retailers and restaurants is critical to ensuring that alcohol is served appropriately, and everyone stays safe.”

Winery Marketing Help

Wine Trail Adventures, the social network and online store for wine connoisseurs, announced today that it has partnered with Craft Wine Association, a nonprofit organization that helps small-production wines and wineries stand out through the designations of Certified Craft Wine and Certified Craft Winery.

Founded in 2016, the Craft Wine Association works with qualified small production wineries to give them a leg up and help them get ahead by certifying them as “Certified Craft Winery” and their wines as “Certified Craft Wine.” The association was created as a way to help winemaker friends struggling to sell, distribute and market their small-batch handcrafted wines and grew from there.

Wine Trail Adventures just launched a new beta program that will see a handful of small wineries who are a part of the Craft Wine Association test-driving the company’s wine marketing tools. Beta testers will be able to automate the distribution of pictures and reviews from Wine Trail members directly to their social accounts, get access to a built-in custom analytics platform, use geographic location advertising, easily capture email information of visitors to the winery and improve their ROI by retargeting and remarketing to users on Facebook and Google.

“We recognized that many winemakers are focused on what they do best – making wine – which doesn’t leave much time for executing on marketing strategies or implementing new technology,” shared Wine Trail Adventure’s President Gary Nealon. “We’re now making it easier for Craft Wine Association’s members to manage their online presence across multiple digital platforms. And we’re giving them the tools we’ve personally used to grow own brand to become the number one resource for wine trail enthusiasts.”

Starting today, Craft Wine Association members who enroll in the beta program will now only have to update their winery information once, rather than multiple times across multiple websites whenever a winery makes a change to hours, contact info and more. Wine Trail Adventures will also help them grow their reach by improving their members’ profiles within the app and website by highlighting Certified Craft Wineries.

“We could not be more pleased to announce this partnership with Wine Trail Adventures,” said Carole Lawson, CEO and Founder of the Craft Wine Association. “Life just got easier for our Certified Craft Winery members. Through this partnership, we are not just sharing data, we are opening up opportunities for consumers who are already seeking unique and special wines to connect with Certified Craft Wineries across the country.”

emBRAZEN’s Take Up The Torch

emBRAZEN wines take inspiration from extraordinary women of the past who dared to shatter convention. Available nationwide, the trio of California wines, including a Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Blend, each feature a historic female pioneer who defied convention and sought to bring about positive change in the world. The labels come to life through augmented reality driven by the Living Wine Labels app, as each heroine shares her personal story.

emBRAZEN is more than just a wine brand. It’s a call to arms, encouraging women to reclaim their narratives and rewrite history. emBRAZEN invites the next generation of women to Take Up The Torch and lend their strength to make a lasting impact in the world. 

“Women are paving their own paths and taking control of their futures by speaking boldly to ignite progress and change the world,” says Patricia Montagno, Vice President of Marketing for Treasury Wine Estates, the parent company of emBRAZEN. “Through our Take Up The Torch program, emBRAZEN recognizes local unsung heroes who deserve support to achieve their community enhancing goals.”

Launching on Women’s Equality Day (Aug. 26) the Take Up The Torch program draws on the power of community and seeks nominations that share the efforts of local women who are driving change in their communities. The winner of the Take Up The Torch program will be announced on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2019) and will receive a $25,000 grant to help further her cause. 

Crafted by winemaker Olivia Teutschel, emBRAZEN wines (SRP $15.99) pay tribute to the achievements of Josephine Baker, Nellie Bly and Celia Cruz.  The Living Wine Labels app allows each to speak directly:

  • Josephine Baker, featured on the emBRAZEN Red Blend, urges that “To realize our dreams, we must decide to wake up.” Josephine went from homelessness to international fame, becoming one of the first women of color to command the global entertainment stage. Rather than simply refusing to perform for segregated audiences, she literally raised the “bar” by opening her own café in Paris, where patrons from all walks of life were welcome. During World War II, she served the Allied cause as a spy.
  • Nellie Bly, featured on the emBRAZEN Cabernet Sauvignon, exclaims, “Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.” Without so much as a college degree, Nellie became a female reporter, shattering norms by refusing to cover “lady-like” topics such as fashion and gardening. Instead, she fueled the fire for female empowerment by writing about the lives of working women, igniting and inspiring the pens of journalists for years to come. She boldly traveled around the world in 72 days, chronicling her escapades.
  • Celia Cruz shares sage advice from the emBRAZEN Chardonnay label, “When opportunity presents itself, grab it. Hold on tight and don’t let go.” Celia was brazen from birth – deciding against the life as a teacher to chase her dream of becoming a star. Her unrelenting drive led to a career that exploded into 23 best-selling Gold albums, countless accolades, and the most successful career for any Latin artist – male or female — of the 20th Century.

“It’s exciting to share these women’s compelling stories through emBRAZEN wines,” says winemaker Teutschel. “I hope these wines spark conversation among friends, family, co-workers or even in the wine aisle. I’m proud to have crafted these wines, providing a bold and delicious canvas for their voices to be heard.”

The Living Wine Labels app is available through the Apple App and Google Play Stores and animates the emBRAZEN labels via Augmented Reality experiences. Visit for more information on the Take Up The Torch initiative.

US*1 Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon 2018

Michter’s Distillery, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is releasing the 2018 bottling of its innovative US*1 Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon on a limited basis. The September timing of this unique offering coincides with Bourbon Heritage Month. Michter’s US*1 Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon was last released in 2015.

The three-year hiatus has been due to the whiskey shortages that Michter’s has been experiencing. “We need to allocate our whiskeys because we just don’t have enough to meet demand,” said Joseph J. Magliocco, Michter’s President. “Because of the goods situation we debated whether to do this release. In the end we made the decision to make some Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon for our loyal customers who have been clamoring for it.”

Introduced to great acclaim in the fall of 2014, Michter’s US*1 Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon is a groundbreaking whiskey. It is made by taking Michter’s US*1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon and then aging it for an additional period in a second custom made barrel. This second barrel is assembled from 18-month air dried wood and then toasted, but not charred. Michter’s Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson observed, “It’s remarkable how the character of our US*1 Bourbon can be transformed by some extra time in a barrel skillfully toasted to our particular specifications.” Michter’s Distiller Dan McKee commented, “I can’t remember the last tasting I led where someone didn’t ask me when we’re bringing back the Toasted Bourbon.”

Michter’s Toasted Barrel Bourbon is bottled at 91.4 proof (45.7% alcohol by volume), the exact same proof as Michter’s ongoing US*1 Small Batch Bourbon offering. The suggested retail price is $60 per 750 ml bottle in the United States. Shipping from Michter’s distributors will begin in September 2018.

Michter’s Distillery is located in the Shively section of Louisville, Kentucky, the heart of the American whiskey industry, and it has a 145-acre property in Springfield, Kentucky where it is farming its own non-GMO estate grown grain for whiskey making. 

Celebrating National Rum Day

Guests gathered at newly opened hotspot Broken Shaker at the Freehand Hotel to celebrate National Rum Day with premium rums from the Bacardi portfolio. Five premium rums – including the BACARDÍ Premium Portfolio, HAVANA CLUB rum, Santa Teresa Rum, BANKS Rums and the FACUNDO Rum Collection – offered unique experiences and encouraged guests to ‘Raise Your Rum’ for the national holiday. Supermodel Joan Smalls, Actor Rotimi, DJs Nina Sky and Model/Actor Broderick Hunter joined in on the fun as they sipped on elevated libations from each of the premium rums.

A cocktail being made at the Raise Your Rum on National Rum Day with BACARDI Rum on August 16, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for BACARDI)

Throughout the night, guests were treated to culture, cuisine, and cocktails from all five rum brands, as well as surprise performances and special keepsakes that brought each versatile expression to life – with the help of celebrity host, Joan Smalls.

Smalls, a Puerto Rican-born supermodel, is a self-professed rum aficionado, and sipped on BACARDÍ Old Cubans (made with BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho) and HAVANA CLUB Añejo Clásico neat all night. Decked in a House of Hero’s top and pants, complemented by GUISEPPE ZANOTTI heels and Wendy Wu x Mark Cross bag, Smalls danced with the Alma Moyo Bomba group and posed for pictures in a pop-up sugarcane forest.

Surprise celebrities in attendance included Rotimi – actor on the hit show Power – as well as Broderick Hunter, the model and actor best known for his appearance on HBO hit-show Insecure. Rotimi and Hunter sipped on the BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez neat and HAVANA Café cocktail as they joined in on the National Rum Day celebration and danced along to tracks spun by DJ duo Nina Sky.

Five separate bars dedicated to each brand showcased all the different ways the spirit can be savored, as it continues to take the premium world by storm:

  • At the BACARDÍ Premium Portfolio footprint, guests enjoyed a sensory experience as they learned more about the ingredients that make up the bespoke premium expressions, including BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro, BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho and BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez, from brand ambassador Juan Coronado.

    HAVANA CLUB Rum on display at the Raise Your Rum on National Rum Day with BACARDI Rum on August 16, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for BACARDI)
  • At HAVANA CLUB, guests sipped on HAVANA Café cocktails made with HAVANA CLUB Añejo Clásico, while brand ambassador Gio Gutierrez recounted the rich history behind the real HAVANA CLUB rum.

  • At the Santa Teresa bar, brand ambassador Josh Campbell led special mixology sessions, showing guests how to mix up the signature Rum Old Fashioned cocktail, made with Santa Teresa 1796 rum.

  • At the BANKS Rums bar, guests learned about the craft in punch batching as they tried their hand at making a signature punch with brand ambassador, Stilo Pimental.

  • Last, but not least, at the FACUNDO Rum Collection bar, brand ambassador Robert Nieves taught onlookers about the art of rum and elevated entertaining, while sipping on EXIMO Manhattan cocktails – made with FACUNDO EXIMO rum.

Southern Glazer’s Back-to-School Donation

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits on National Nonprofit Day, announced that it has donated 3,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS), Florida’s largest statewide organization devoted to helping children and families. The backpack drive, sponsored by Southern Glazer’s Florida-based VolunCheers program, drew 130 employee volunteers and guests to packing events across Company locations in Miramar, Lakeland, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Palm Beach. Backpacks and school supplies, from rulers and notepads to folders, pens, and pencils, were purchased at a discount by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of Florida from Madden Branded Goods.

Kicking-off the start of the 2018 – 2019 school year, the backpacks were distributed to elementary and high school students served by CHS in 20 counties across the state of Florida. This is the fifth year that Southern Glazer’s has participated in a back-to-school initiative supporting Children’s Home Society of Florida.

“Southern Glazer’s commitment to student and community achievement has helped thousands of children start another school year off empowered and ready to succeed,” said Michael Shaver, President and CEO of Children’s Home Society of Florida. “We are incredibly grateful for the time and contributions their team has invested to ensure more kids are focused on their education and opportunities.”

“I am proud to lead a state that constantly takes the initiative to give back and make an impact in their local communities,” said Patrick Cassidy, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Florida for Southern Glazer’s. “Southern Glazer’s is thrilled to support an organization that provides much needed services and solutions to the families in our own backyard who need them the most.”

VolunCheers is a unique Southern Glazer’s volunteer program created to encourage employees to donate their time, resources, and talent in support of local non-profit organizations, schools, and community based programs. The Company recently announced the launch of its new internal online platform, VolunCheers Online, enabling Southern Glazer’s employees across the U.S. and Canada to easily connect with one another and organize volunteering and fundraising activities benefitting local and national charitable organizations. The online platform made the process of signing up for the annual backpack drive simple and efficient for Florida employee volunteers, who can now also track all of their volunteer hours and donations in one place.

CHS serves more than 50,000 children and families throughout the state of Florida each year. 

Columbia Winery Charity Walk & Run

With a legacy dating as far back as 1962, Columbia Winery has been a longtime member of the Seattle area community. Last weekend brought the 12th Annual Columbia Winery Charity Walk & Run, which has pushed the Woodinville winery over $1 million in donations accrued to support of uncompensated care for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Columbia Winery’s Sean Hails and John Sportelli present $1 million check to Shelley Tomberg of the Auction for Washington Wines, benefitting Seattle Children’s Hospital (PRNewsfoto/Columbia Winery)

“The Columbia Winery team is thrilled to announce our 12th Annual Charity Walk & Run has reached over $1 million in donations over the past decade,” said John Sportelli, Senior Manager. “We are proud to contribute towards the incredible efforts that Seattle Children’s Hospital provides our community.”

The Columbia Winery Charity Walk & Run has been a cornerstone piece of the 31st Annual Auction of Washington Wines for more than a decade. Taking place over four days, the Auction promotes Washington State wines and is the Northwest region’s most prestigious charity wine event. The Auction has raised over $41 million since 1988, benefitting the wine industry and local organizations.

Each year, the fundraising efforts of the Auction and affiliated events such as the Columbia Winery Walk & Run have aided Seattle Children’s Hospital towards their goal to ensure children receive essential health care, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

“Our goal is to provide uncompensated care that ensures families are never in the position to decide if they can afford a child’s medical treatment,” said Aileen Kelly, Executive Director of the Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association. “Columbia Winery has been an essential partner in meeting this ever-growing need and the funds raised from thousands of generous participants in this annual event truly make a difference in these children’s lives.”

Last year, Seattle Children’s provided over $164 million in uncompensated care to patients in Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and other surrounding states. Of the more than 200,000 patients treated at Seattle Children’s main campus each year, 65 percent need financial assistance.

Two Roots Brewing Launches

Cannabiniers, a beverage, technology & brand management company revolutionizing the cannabis industry with first to market, patented, safe, natural and fast acting infusion technology, today announced the official launch of Two Roots Brewing Co, the world’s first line of non-alcoholic cannabinoid infused craft “Cannabier,” and Just Society, a line of cannabinoid infused cold brewed iced teas and coffees, in Nevada.

Two Roots Brewing Co. a pioneer in the artisan creation of high quality Craft Beer, is introducing  Cannabier, (pronounced can_na_beer) a new class of adult beverage. Cannabier is the destined fusion of passion and craft, offering consumers a responsibly formulated, micro-dosed beverage that emulates the rapid onset of alcohol, as well as its rapid dissipation from the body. “Our product development team, alongside our artisan brewers, approached our development with the full understanding that Two Roots represented a new class of adult beverage, that may be the world’s first non-alcoholic Cannabier,” said Kevin Love, Director of Product Development. “We are thrilled to offer Two Roots and Just Society to the residents in Nevada, offering an alternative, healthy and delicious platform for cannabis consumption.”  

“The Nevada launch of Two Roots is the culmination of more than two and half years of research, development, planning and building of not just a product or brand, but an organization with 150,000sf of operations across Californa and Nevada, with 150 employees,” said Tim Walters, Chief Operating Officer. “Last weeks Constellation Brands and Canopy Growth transaction validated our position as a first mover specialty adult beverage company; our Nevada launch of Two Roots has us an estimated year ahead of the world’s largest alcohol companies, and an estimated three or more years a head within the U.S. as a result of federal laws.”

In order to create a new class of adult beverage and a world’s first, Cannabiniers sourced the first of its manufacture and design technology to enter the United States, to create Two Roots Brewing Co. Two Roots is the only line of craft beverages in the United States using this state of the art technology. Two Roots initial product offering consists of five style-emulations including Lager, Stout, New West IPA, Blonde Ale, and Wheat; with a “Tribute” style that tastes like cannabis to immediately follow; all of which are under 100 calories per serving.

Two Roots and Just Society have rolled out in select dispensaries across Nevada, beginning with Las Vegas Releaf among many others.

Tiger Group and Schneider Industries, Inc. will conduct a live online auction of the complete brewing operations of Olde Saratoga Brewing on August 28. Following the closure of the New York subsidiary of California-based Mendocino Brewing, the assets will be offered as a turnkey operation or on a piecemeal basis. The assets include a pristine, 125-barrel-per-day brew house, a Krones/Pearson bottling line, an automatic keg washing and filling system, a laboratory and tasting room, and furniture.

Auction also features multiple stainless steel-jacketed tanks ranging from 30-bbl to 500-bbl (PRNewsfoto/Tiger Group)

“This offering provides a unique opportunity to acquire a full-service brewery at hard asset value,” said John Coelho, Senior Director of Tiger’s Commercial & Industrial division. “The ability to submit piecemeal bids also offers craft breweries, cider making, and other food and beverage manufacturers the opportunity to purchase individual assets at liquidation prices.”

“This equipment provides companies with a tremendous opportunity to either start an operation or add to their current capacity,” added Bruce Schneider, President of Schneider Industries, which represents food and beverage companies around the world, offering surplus equipment.

Established in 1997 in Saratoga Springs, Olde Saratoga Brewing Company provided East Coast brewing for Mendocino Brewing. At its peak, Olde Saratoga Brewing Company was the fourth largest brewery in New York State and produced more than 30 different types of high quality, fresh craft-brewed ales and lagers. The facility is located about 15 minutes from I-87 and about seven miles from Saratoga County Airport.

Bidding will commence August 21 at Bidding will close in rapid succession, live auction style, on August 28 at 11:00 a.m. (ET). All bidders are required to register prior to the sale at Previews of the assets are available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (ET) on August 27 at 131 Excelsior Ave. in Saratoga Springs.

The auction’s selection of grain storage, delivery systems and preparation assets include a Friesen 2,959-cubic-foot carbon steel silo with rotary feed gates, a 2012 Cablevey stainless steel enclosed tubular drag cable, disc conveyor and hoppers, and more.

The brew house includes stainless steel steam jacketed tun, pre-run, brew kettle and other tanks; a malt handling system control panel with Allen Bradley controls; 7,600-gallon stainless steel storage tanks; and other equipment. Olde Saratoga’s fermentation area features multiple 30-bbl to 500-bbl stainless steel jacketed tanks, a two-tank CIP System, a 40-horsepower stainless steel disc centrifuge, and a diatomaceous earth filter with agitation tank.

The facility’s 2012 automatic keg washing and filling system features five washing heads, one racking head, a direct flow control filling system, a 60-keg-per-hour infeed and discharge conveyor. A complete 220-bottle-filling line that’s up for bid includes a bottle unloading station with hydraulic scissor lift and accumulation conveyor, and a 50-head rotary bottle washer.

An on-premises tasting room features a walk-in keg cooler, a tap system, a two-door stainless steel refrigerator, two TVs and more, in addition to shirts, glasses, growlers and other memorabilia, and office furniture and equipment.

The facility’s well-equipped lab features testers, a fume food, an orbisphere, a digital scale, a spectrophotometer, and other equipment.

Available plant support equipment includes four air compressors as new as 2013, a cooling tower with an epoxy coated tank, two 100-ton liquid chillers, and other assets. The boiler room features two 200-horsepower natural gas process steam boilers, and a condensation de-aerator tank with pumps, while the fully equipped maintenance shop contains a lathe, floor drill, hand and power tools, and more.

Rolling stock up for bid includes tandem axle box and refrigeration trailers as long as 48 feet, a Chevy Astro van, a 3,800-lb., four-stage electric riding forklift, and other items.

For complete information on the assets, visit:

Precision Fermentation Releases BrewMonitor System

Precision Fermentation released its new product, the BrewMonitor System, a  fermentation monitoring solution for the craft beer industry. BrewMonitor offers brewers a new paradigm for fermentation management and product quality assurance, replacing ad hoc sampling and testing with a fully automated, live-streamed fermentation monitoring process. The system enables regional craft brewers, microbreweries and brewpubs to leverage fully data-driven fermentation to expand artistic horizons, ensure excellent product quality and deliver maximum value to the business.

“There has never been a way to unlock the vast amount of information contained in the moment-to-moment interaction of yeast and wort inside the fermentation tank,” said Daniel Kulenic, CEO of Precision Fermentation. “BrewMonitor makes this a reality, and the value of streaming fermentation data to any PC, tablet or smartphone is immense. The benefits range from cost savings via remote monitoring and accurate fermentation completion, to understanding the exact conditions required by each flavor profile, to easily assessing yeast health before major problems arise. It is an operations powerhouse, and we are excited to offer these industry-first capabilities to craft breweries of all sizes.”

BrewMonitor X-1 is a proprietary hardware device, retrofitted to existing fermentation tanks. It contains a multi-sensor array that reports real-time data via the cloud. This device offers continual high-density sampling without manual intervention.

BrewMonitor Console is a web-based fermentation monitoring application, enabling instant views and trends to track current conditions, benchmark results, manage the fermentation process, and operate the X-1 device. Features:

  • Fully SaaS-based – no software to install, easy to deploy
  • Access tank status anytime, from any PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Monitor all tanks across multiple physical locations, from a single console
  • Access historical insights for benchmarking and R&D
  • Operate device cleaning protocols with SmartClean Manager
  • Set automatically-triggered email alerts based on custom thresholds, notifying about problems:
    • pH
    • Density
    • Pressure
    • Conductivity
    • Dissolved oxygen
    • Internal and external temperature

The BrewMonitor System will be available for purchase in September 2018.

Downtown Brew Festival

Motley Brews’ backyard beer bash, Downtown Brew Festival (DBF), will return to the Clark County Amphitheater for its seventh year from 5-9 p.m., with early entry and VIP entry at 4 p.m., on Saturday, Oct. 20. Touted as one of the largest craft beer festivals in Las Vegas, second only to Motley Brew’s Great Vegas Festival of Beer, DBF will unite craft beer enthusiasts with more than 250 beers from 70 breweries, some of the city’s finest chefs and live music.

“Downtown Brew Festival has become a favorite annual event among Las Vegas locals,” said Brian Chapin, founder of Motley Brews. “The combination of the lights, music and amazing craft beer has struck a chord among loyal and new attendees, which is why the festival continues to grow in experience and attendance every year.”

Downtown Brew Festival has sold out for the past five years and combines the vibe of a backyard party with a craft beer festival, complete with live music and a nighttime setting under strings of lights and a canopy of stars. Another sell-out crowd of more than 4,200 guests is anticipated for the evening event, which will also showcase incredible culinary offerings at ‘Festaurant Row.’

Tickets to Downtown Brew Festival start at $35 plus fees for general admission, which include access to the event from 5 to 9 p.m. along with a tasting glass, unlimited beer samples and more. Early admission tickets are also available, with entry at 4 p.m. and access to exclusive beers, priced at $45 plus fees. VIP tickets are available for $80 plus a service fee, and include early entry at 4 p.m., access to the VIP Pavilion Lounge, which includes limited-release and unique beers, a decadent spread of beer-inspired cuisine prepared by local chefs and more. Tickets are limited and available now a