More Mocktails on the Menu

Keeping health and wellness top of mind, consumers are increasingly choosing mocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks at restaurants and at home. 

In fact, the market for non-alcoholic alternatives has seen consistent double-digit growth over the last five years and exceeded half a billion dollars in 2023, according to NielsenIQ.

Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Blake Lively, Kylie Minogue and Bella Hadid are helping to boost the booze-free band wagon by launching non-alcoholic beverages. 

There’s no longer a stigma for being sober-curious and mocktails are gaining popularity as sophisticated alternatives to beer, wine and traditional cocktails. Whether someone is the designated driver, pregnant or choosing to abstain from alcohol for health reasons, alcohol-free socializing is on the rise. 

In Causeway Solutions’ April 2024 survey, we asked more than 800 U.S. Adults 18+ specific questions about non-alcoholic beverages to help inform restaurants, retailers, event planners, and food and beverage firms with business strategies. 

Mocktail Enthusiasts Are Younger

While 23 percent of those surveyed say the are huge fans or enjoy drinking non-alcoholic beverages, 40 percent of Americans have no opinion about the offering and 21 percent fail to see the appeal.

Fans and those who enjoy drinking non-alcoholic beverages (23 percent of survey participants) are much more likely to be under 35 years old.* 

  • Adults 18-24 are more likely to enjoy non-alcoholic drinks at 39 percent.
  • Adults 25-34 and 35-44 are much more likely to be fans at 46 percent and 31 percent respectively. 
  • Adults 45-55 are about average at 21 percent. 
  • Adults 55+ interest in non-alcoholic beverages drops to only 10 percent.

Dining Out Habits of Mocktail Enthusiasts

Mocktail enthusiasts are much more likely to eat out frequently and more likely to go to a chain restaurant rather than local. 

Survey Question: If you were dining out tonight, would you prefer to go to a local restaurant or chain restaurant?

Type of Restaurant

Adults 18+

Fan of Mocktails

Enjoy Mocktails

Chain Restaurant

32 percent

54 percent

39 percent

Local Restaurant

61 percent

46 percent

59 percent

They are also much more likely to say they Frequently or Occasionally dine at every type of establishment from Fast Food to Bars. 

Survey Question: How often do you dine at the following establishments? (Type of Restaurant)

Dine Frequently/ Occasionally

Adults 18+

Fan of Mocktails

Enjoy Mocktails

Fast Food

75 percent

95 percent

90 percent

Casual Restaurant 

(such as Olive Garden)

57 percent

76 percent

74 percent

Upscale (such as Morton’s, Ruth’s Chris)

12 percent

37 percent

22 percent

Bar (such as Buffalo Wild Wings)

26 percent

66 percent

46 percent


24 percent

59 percent

44 percent

TV Viewing Habits of Mocktail Enthusiasts 

  • The majority of mocktail fans (54 percent) are watching both cable and streaming services and are less likely to say cable only.
  • Those who enjoy mocktails have similar viewing habits.


Spending Habits of Mocktail Enthusiasts

Both mocktail fans and those who enjoy mocktails are more likely to say they are spending more money than last month. 24 percent of the general population said they are spending more while mocktail fans are at 39 percent and those who enjoy mocktails at 27 percent. 

Plan to purchase

Adults 18+

Fan of Mocktails

Enjoy Mocktails

Buy a car 

8 percent

20 percent

14 percent

Buy appliances

11 percent

39 percent

21 percent

Buy a cell phone

17 percent

51 percent

33 percent

Long distance/International Vacation

16 percent

41 percent

30 percent

The popularity of mocktails continues to grow as more creative options become available for social gatherings and special events. Restaurants may feature mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages to generate additional revenue and attract new customers.

By understanding consumer data, dining and media habits, the food and beverages industry can make more informed decisions on what to put on the menu.