Maximizing March Madness Profits for Restaurants Through Advanced Technology Solutions

Armed with an omni-channel POS platform, restaurant operators can not only bring an immediate boost in sales during one of the busiest times of the year, but also lay the groundwork for long-term customer engagement and loyalty. 

With an average viewership of about 10 million, March Madness presents a prime opportunity for restaurant operators to boost revenue as consumers rush to order their favorite game-time meals. But the key to seizing this opportunity lies in a robust infrastructure and technology suite that empowers operators to optimize revenue during these peak times.

Here are some strategic actions that restaurant operators can implement utilizing their Point of Sale (POS) systems and technological resources to ensure a flawless customer experience and optimized sales.

Empowering Service with Advanced POS Systems and Digital Ordering

The rush of game day brings with it a high volume of pickup and delivery requests, made predominantly through digital platforms. An integrated POS system, encompassing online ordering and third-party delivery services, offers a holistic solution. This integration streamlines order processing directly into the POS and kitchen, minimizing delays and ensuring accuracy in order fulfillment.

These systems not only streamline the online ordering process, making it seamless for both the restaurant and the customer during high-demand periods like March Madness, but also potentially increase average order values. 

Given the shift toward mobile transactions, it's also imperative for online ordering platforms to be mobile-friendly. An interface that is quick to load and easy to use on mobile devices is more likely to see completed orders, enhancing customer satisfaction and sales.

Harnessing Data for Future Engagement and Loyalty

Beyond immediate sales, March Madness represents a golden opportunity for data collection through POS systems. This data can be instrumental in developing targeted loyalty programs and marketing strategies that drive repeat business

Adapting menu offerings to meet game day demands, for example, can significantly boost sales. Data indicates a notable spike in orders for popular items like chicken wings and pizza during the tournament. Operators can capitalize on these trends by refining their menu to focus on high-demand items and eliminating less popular options.

This data is instrumental for restaurant operators in tailoring online guest experiences, highlighting profitable menu items and devising targeted marketing strategies. Understanding customer trends allows for the creation of compelling game day promotions, such as special discounts or combo deals. POS systems play a crucial role here, simplifying the process for customers to take advantage of these offers, thereby accelerating the ordering process.

Leveraging the data gathered during high-traffic events like March Madness enables restaurant operators to not only increase short-term revenue but also to build a foundation for sustained customer relationships and loyalty.

As March Madness approaches, restaurant operators have a golden opportunity to leverage advanced POS and online ordering technology to navigate the surge in digital orders and significantly enhance their revenue. With the right tools and strategies in place, restaurant operators can turn March Madness into a winning season for their business.