Making a Franchise Health Brand Scalable (Podcast)

Health and wellness branding is in the spotlight during this episode of The Main Course as host Barbara Castiglia speaks with Ross Franklin, the Founder and CEO of Pure Green, an omnichannel business that is one of the fastest-growing, cold-pressed juice companies and juice bar franchises in the United States. They talked about making a franchise health brand scalable, and how the pandemic made people focus more on health.

In addition to a direct-to-consumer division where they sell their cold-pressed juices online, Pure Green plans to open 400 Pure Green franchise locations in the coming years. Right before the pandemic, they knew they needed to grow even more. They didn’t want to take any venture capital money, instead focusing on equity crowdfunding where their customers can pitch in capital to grow the business. In 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted a rule that allowed unaccredited investors to invest in companies via crowdfunding. Listen to hear more about how Pure Green Crowdfunded Campaign during a pandemic.

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