JBF Launches Climate Solutions Campaign

Calling it a critical subject, the James Beard Foundation® launched a campaign focused on tackling the significant impact of climate change on independent restaurants, chefs, and the local economies they support. Through the Climate Solutions for Restaurant Survival campaign, the James Beard Foundation will unite chefs across the country to raise awareness, educate federal policymakers, and galvanize action to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

“Independent restaurants are not just the heart and soul of our communities—they are also a powerful economic force, providing jobs to millions, generating hundreds of billions in revenue, supporting local agriculture and businesses, and nurturing our cultural identity,” said Clare Reichenbach, CEO of the James Beard Foundation. “The harsh reality is that climate change will create serious challenges for many of these beloved establishments, and it is critical we come together and take action now.” 

As part of the campaign launch, the JBF and the Global Food Institute at the George Washington University are releasing a new in-depth report that illustrates the impact climate change is having on independent restaurants and the farmers who supply them.  The foundation also released a fact sheet that highlights the economic importance of the industry and lays out policy parameters for federal action.  

The Climate Solutions for Restaurant Survival campaign will bring together chefs from coast to coast in a passionate call to action. It will harness their first-hand experience to make clear that climate change is not only an environmental crisis; it's a clear and present danger to a thriving independent restaurant industry. Through the campaign, the James Beard Foundation will support chefs by:

Providing Communications Support

The Foundation will equip chefs and culinary leaders with essential information, data, and media and advocacy training. It will also provide toolkits and communication assets to assist in educating federal policymakers.

Elevating Voices of Change

The Foundation will create opportunities and platforms for chefs and producers to make their voices heard. This will include testimonial videos, social media campaigns, press engagements, and events. The Foundation will also collaborate with chefs and their suppliers to organize events at the state and local levels, fostering support for federal action from the ground up.

Coordinating Direct Engagement with Policymakers

To ensure that Congressional members, staff, and executive branch officials understand the challenges posed by climate change, the Foundation will bring chefs and farmers to Washington, D.C. for direct engagement. 

Hosting Roundtable Conversations

The Foundation will facilitate roundtable discussions involving chefs, policymakers, and experts. These conversations will focus on finding solutions, sharing lessons learned, and organizing collective action.

Deploying James Beard Foundation Leadership

The Foundation’s leadership will use its influence and platforms to raise awareness and mobilize a groundswell of voices for change across the industry.

Farm Visits

The Foundation will arrange visits to local farms for chefs and policymakers. This firsthand experience will demonstrate how what happens on the farm directly affects what happens in the kitchen and create a collective voice for federal action.

“As a chef, and in my work with restaurants around the world, I see first-hand the impact of climate change on the ingredients we source, the dishes we prepare, and on the communities and people we serve,” said Chef José Andrés, world-renowned chef, author, humanitarian and founder of the Global Food Institute at the George Washington University. “This research is more than just a collection of data and insights; it’s a rallying cry for chefs, restaurateurs, food producers, policymakers, and all actors across the supply chain. And it is just a taste of what’s to come from the Global Food Institute at the George Washington University in our urgent journey to shape a better food system."

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