Is Your Restaurant Equipped with the Latest Technology?

From the front door to the back of the house, there are many opportunities for restaurant owners to use the latest technology to ensure their business’s safety, profitability and reputation. One of the most effective technology systems to protect a restaurant is a security camera system. Whether it’s used for efficiency, safety, loss prevention, or facial recognition, a camera system can strongly affect a restaurant’s bottom line. 

Here are five of the most up-to-date camera technologies that are commonly used in restaurants:  

CCTV Cameras to Control the Queue

For example, cameras placed throughout the restaurant allow kitchen staff to view on a large TV when guests finish an appetizer or dinner, are ready for dessert, or need some sort of attention. This greatly increases the efficiency of customer service. 


Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System to Increase Safety

For the safety of customers, employees, and a restaurant’s bottom line and reputation, surveillance equipment is a must for restaurant owners. Criminals will steer clear of restaurants that have cameras staring right at them. 


Cameras Strategically Installed in the Dining Area for Loss Prevention

This is the best way to have evidence against customers who try to “dine and dash,” and customers and employees who may try to steal items or money from the restaurant. This footage can be used as proof in court, as well as to fight lawsuits. Ultimately, these cameras can lower risk and save funds in litigations.

It’s important to know that any restaurant or business with an installed security camera must release any footage that could help law enforcement charge criminals. But, if the footage isn’t retrieved, used or presented correctly, the value of that footage can be jeopardized.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is not only for safety and security; it allows customers to place their order and evenpay their bill using an electronic device in the restaurant. This technology is a great tool to know what guests ordered during previous visits, saving their payment information, and giving suggestions for what they might want to order.

License Plate Recognition

While it is unfortunate if a restaurant is robbed, license plate recognition technology is a great way to help apprehend criminals who may try to escape the scene. This also adds to the general safety and protection of the surrounding neighborhood.


Specifically, for camera systems in restaurants, it is necessary to have remote access from all over the world to monitor its day-to-day happenings.  This helps to discourage crime, to prevent lawsuits such as slip and falls, lawsuits than can arise from theft, car crashes, or inappropriate employee behavior,  and to have an easy-to use simple app on a mobile device or computer that can be watched live or played back. Most importantly, it provides peace of mind because everything that a restaurant owner would like to be recorded is recorded.  

It’s critical for restaurants to use the latest products to ensure safety, profitability and to increase the bottom line. Whether it’s a single location family-owned establishment or a huge chain, the right camera system can make or break a restaurant’s success.