How to Use Your POS To Upsell

As a busy restaurateur, you know the value of maximizing the spend of every guest visit. But you also know you can’t possibly be at each table hovering over your staff making sure that every opportunity to upsell is capitalized on. The good news is your POS can do it for you.

A modern point of sale is more than a way to pass an order to the kitchen, but a valuable tool that can help you increase check sizes through upselling. Use the following methods to upsell to your customers.

Forced Modifiers

Remind staff to upsell with modifiers that pop up once an item is selected. For example, when a server enters a caesar salad, a modifier pops up with options for chicken, avocado and extra bacon. This prompts the server to ask the customer what they’d like to add to their salad, the same way it would request the amount of doneness for a steak.

Show Pictures

Ordering off a simple printed menu can be a gamble. A guest has to trust the description will meet or exceed their expectations. An iPad POS that offers the option to upload a photo of every menu item can be incredibly helpful to a diner stuck on what to order, and can entice them to go for that appetizer they were just about to dismiss.

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