How to Succeed at In-House Restaurant Delivery Marketing

It’s essential to adopt sound marketing strategies for your in-house food delivery business. Here are some tips to best advertise that you offer delivery services. 

Mention In-House Delivery on Your Site

Having a great website for your business is paramount to represent their online presence. Your website should be attractive and user friendly and include all relevant contact information, including in-house delivery.

Offer Quality Services

Excellent Customer Services: Your customer service rep and delivery employees reflect the image of the business. Whatever they do and say to customers from initial inquiries to delivered order can make difference between a satisfied or unsatisfied customer . In case of difficulties during ordering or delivery of their favorite food products, customer service team should always be ready to help them in any way possible. 

Fast delivery: People are willing to pay extra for fast delivery regardless of the cost.  You can do this by having more employees or mapping out better routes. 

Tracking and Updates: Ensure you give updates and tracking details of customers' orders. Ask for emails, or phone numbers to update customers on their food delivery when needed 

Advertise your delivery services

Proper advertising is required to reach out to more and more people. Here are few ways you can market your in-house restaurant delivery business.

QR Code Flyers: Attach QR code based flyers with captions to address users to order delivery directly from your website or scan QR code . 

Billboards : Invest a bit in your brands with billboards to help market your in-house delivery business across your store and surroundings. 

Promotional Branding : Collaborate with food bloggers and influencers for referral and promotion of your in-house restaurant. 

Reward Reviews, Referrals, and Feedback

Reward customers when they give positive online reviews about your business. On the other hand, don't ignore negative reviews and feedback from upset customers. Take control of the narrative people have of you online. You can use social listening and Google Alerts to find bad reviews.

Create an Email Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, people check their emails regularly therefore, compile a list of emails from current and new customers and send out personalized offers and deals.

Create a Social Media Campaign

Social media plays a dominant role in customers' life. Create content focused on food because people are willing to share, like, and discover pictures of food. You'll need to consider an ad budget available on different social media platforms to attract people to your business 

Offer Deals to Local Businesses

There are many local workspace co-working hubs, and businesses that will benefit from your in-house restaurant delivery. You can reach out to them with food delivery offers for their employees to solve dilemmas they face day-to-day such as where to get lunch and whether they have time to get lunch.