How to Find and Hire the Best Restaurant Staff (Infographic)

We spend a lot of time with our coworkers, and especially in restaurants they can feel like family. Each person has their own set of responsibilities, and it takes each person doing their part to keep things running smoothly.

When it comes to hiring new people for your restaurant crew, oftentimes that task is left up to the General Manager. Interview questions are stale and safe, and as long as the person didn't get fired recently (which is never really going to be revealed anyway) they are going to get hired. But how are you supposed to know how a person will interact with your team and whether their skills will compliment the rest of the team?

Asking better questions in an interview, such as 'How do you see your future at this company' rather than 'Why did you leave your last job' can give you a better indication of how a new person will fit with your existing team. And interviewing by committee is going to give you better results, too. Oftentimes a GM is stuck in the office doing paperwork, and the real people a new team member will be interacting with will be the kitchen manager, the bar manager, and the floor manager. When representatives from each part of the team are in on the interviewing process, it can help to build a much more solid team. Learn more about better interviewing practices below courtesy of NowSourcing.